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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Angels in Leather Cover Reveal

Angels In Leather Cover

Title: Angels in Leather
Author: Bella Jewel
Expected Release Date: February 15, 2014
Model: Miles Logan



A girl on the run.
Her father gave her one task before he died. To deliver a package. Now she has the baddest biker in the state after her. He wants what she's got. Secrets in both the past and the present threaten to destroy what she is working so hard for. He threatens to ruin her heart. Two worlds will collide to make something explosive.

Angels in Leather Jacket
Chapter 1
Unedited and subject to change.

 You can run but you can’t hide,

I know what lies deep inside.

     I lower my glasses and rush across the road, head down, hoodie

covering my head and face. A small woman standing outside of the

door, watches at me as I dart around behind the gas station, backpack

tightly wrapped around my shoulders, clipped at the front. My sneakers

are worn, and they squeak on the pavement as I scurry into the ladies

toilets. I rush into the small, crappy room, kicking in the doors, and

when I realize it’s empty, I lower my hood.

     My long blonde hair tumbles out when I remove the cap from my

head that was sitting firmly under my hoodie. It’s my usual look these

days. Jeans, sneakers, singlet top, hoodie and a cap. It’s the easiest look

to disguise who I am when I’m forced to get out in public. I lower my

face, and turn on the tap, filling my hands with water and splashing it

on my skin. I close my eyes, letting the cool feeling calm my nervous,

frightened body.

     They’ve found me.

     It’s only the third time Axel Wraithe has managed to catch up with

me in just over a year, which isn’t bad considering he’s got sources and I


     He’s the President of the MC club Angel’s In Leather, and he’s been

chasing me since the moment my father sent me running with a case

containing information on USB Drives. I’ve never plugged the drives

in to see what’s on them. Whatever is, though, I imagine is extremely

important. They wouldn’t be chasing me like this, if it wasn’t important.

Axel wouldn’t have let his men kill my father if it wasn’t something he


     Would he?

      I still don’t know what went down that day, all I know is that

whatever my father has in this case, Axel wants. Axel and my father

used to be best friends, until my father started up his MC club Joker’s

Runners, and they had a falling out. They became sworn enemies, and

were constantly at war, but more often then not, it was kept at a certain

limit. Then that one day, it went over.

     I found out after I started running that the Angel’s In Leather took out

the Joker’s Runners in a war that stopped the entire town just after my

father died. They were looking for the case. The case I’ve been running

with for just over a year. The case that’s clearly been more important

than anything else that’s come up in that time, because Axel hasn’t

stopped looking for me.

     Which means I haven’t rested.

     There have been times I’ve wanted to just give in and let him take

it from me, but then I think of my father’s face the day he died in the

front of our SUV, and the desperation when he made me promise to run,

and deliver this case. If I let him down…I’ll never live happily. This is

my mission, and sadly, it’s become my life. I don’t have anything else.

     Without this…I’m nothing. I have nothing…no one.

      I am struggling to find this Raide fellow, without recoursces, it’s very

hard to locate him, and until I do I can’t stop. So here I am, in a women’s

bathroom, trying to calm myself down and figure out a way to escape

Axel a third time around. He’s not an easy man to escape. He’s a god

damned genius and he’s managing to get closer and closer to me no

matter what I do. I have to think of something new. Maybe I’ll cut all my

hair off and dye it red, or purple, something crazy.

       I pat my face dry with my sleeve, and stare in the mirror at the empty

blue eyes looking back at me. Most girls my age would be out partying,

being in love, enjoying their life, their jobs, their friends….but me, I’m

running, living a criminal life that I never chose. On the rare days I get

where I manage to relax, I find myself imagining what it would be like to

just be normal.

     I shake my head. It’s never going to happen.

     I hear the distinct rumble of Harley Davidson’s outside, and I know

they’ve stopped. I feel my palms become clammy, and my heart speeds

up. I have to get out of here and into the trees behind the gas station.

They’re thick and lush, and I can run for miles through them. The

problem is getting out. This was the closest place I could find to gather

myself, and it took Axel a matter of minutes to locate me. It’s never a

coincidence with him. Never.

     I swallow, and lift my hair up onto the top of my head again, tucking

it under my cap. I pull my hoodie back over and grip the straps that are

sitting around my waist. My bag is strapped on as good as I can get it,

because I don’t want it to be taken from me. If it gets taken, then all this

has been a waste of time for me…and my father.

     I pull my sunglasses down over my eyes, and I peer out the window.

And there he is. I feel my body tingle with fear as I lay my eyes on Axel.

He’s standing out the front of the gas station, speaking to the young

woman, flashing a photo at her. I know it’s a photo of me. She nods, and

points to the bathrooms. God dammit. Axel lifts his head, and his eyes

turn in my direction.

     I gasp.

     The years…they’ve been kind to him. The last few times he got close

to me, it wasn’t close enough for me to get a good look at him. To see

how the years have changed his face.

     Axel Wraithe is a gorgeous man, he always has been, but he’s got a

heart of steel. I remember as a little girl, in the years before he and my

father had a falling out, I used to think he was one of the most handsome

men I’d ever met. He was just a young man back then, but he had the

kind of face that women would drool over. Now…now he’s older, and

more defined, and even more breathtaking.

     He has this thick black hair that sits messily on his head. His body is

huge, tall and well built, yet unlike most bikers, not covered in tattoos.

He has a few, but not many. His shoulder’s put most body builders to

shame. His eyes are the color of turquoise water, and are the prettiest

eyes I’ve ever seen. He’s got a few days growth of stubble on his face,

and his ears are filled with silver hoops.

      His body is covered in all black clothes. Large, chunky black boots.

Black jeans. A black shirt covered with his black jacket, with, what I

know, has a large angel surrounded in fire on the back. Their club’s

patch. He wears chains around his neck and leather bands around his

wrists, hanging off his jeans, he has silver chains, topping off his look.

Axel is about forty years old, and while he was my father’s best

friend, he was ten years younger than him. They met a few years after

my parents had me. I know my father helped him out of some bad

things, and felt a connection to him. Things went well right up until I

was about ten, and that’s when my father created his club and he and

Axel had a massive falling out.

      I never saw Axel again…until the night he saved my life.

Now, he’s standing, staring at the bathroom’s, a small, deadly smirk

on his face. Sweat trickles down my face as I turn, peering around the

bathroom for an escape. There’s a small, narrow window above the far

toilet. It’s not locked, and I could squeeze out of it with enough effort. I

glance back out the window and see Axel still staring at the bathroom,

nodding to the lady as she speaks.

     I have minutes.

     My adrenalin spikes as I rush towards the toilet. I peer up at the

window, and use the toilet and basin to launch myself upwards. I take

hold of the window sill and use my free hand to rattle the window. It’s

rusty, but it dislodges itself easily enough. I shove it out, and it lands

with a crash on the ground. My heart begins to hammer.

      I unclip my backpack, there’s no way I can get through with it on my

back. I peer out the window, and when I see it’s clear, I shove the bag

through and let it drop down onto the ground. That’s when I hear the

rattling on the toilet’s main door. My heart lurches and I feel my jaw

begin to tremble.

     “Meadow, you didn’t honestly think you could hide in a toilet, did


      Axel’s voice has me freezing, but only for a split second. I’ve been

running long enough now to know how to keep myself from freezing for

long enough to cause a problem. I lift my leg up and try to be as quiet

as possible as I jump three times, and shove my body through the small

gap. I lose my balance when I push through too hard, and land on the

dirt the other side with a thump. I roll, gripping my bag and throwing it

on quickly, before leaping to my feet.

     And there he is.

     I scream and leap backwards as he appears around the side of the

building. Up close, he’s powerful, huge and dominating. He has a tattoo

of a bird on his neck, and it seems to be staring at me, taunting me. I lift

my eyes to meet his, and I gasp softly. Beauty, it just doesn’t cover what

he is. He can’t be classed as beautiful. There is only one word I could

ever use to describe him, and that is…devastating.

     “Hello Cricket,” he purrs, using a nickname for me that he used to use

when I was a little girl. “Long time, no see.”

      I swallow, and grip my backpack. “Axel.”

      He smiles, showing me a row of perfect, white teeth. Two dimples

appear in his cheeks. “And here I was thinking you’d forgotten about me,

I mean, you’ve been running for me now for…what has it been, Cricket?

Over a year?”

      “One year, three months and six days,” I whisper, shuffling


      He chuckles. “And you know I was going to catch up to you

eventually, so we could have avoided all this if you had just given me

what I wanted back then.”

      I don’t say anything, I just grip my backpack straps tighter, and let

my eyes dart around behind my sunglasses to look for a way out. I see

a thick mass of trees behind him, probably about fifty meters. If I could

get to them, I could hide myself…I also see a pile of rusty metal poles

in the corner, leaning against the wall. I turn my body slightly toward

them, and begin very slowly backing up. Axel steps forward, suddenly

gripping the side of my face. His other hand grips my backpack. I snarl

and shove, pushing hard enough to get him to let go. He stands back

with a smirk.

      “Don’t touch me!” I hiss.

      His smirk widens. “Nice disguise you have there, but you know, when

you live in a disguise, people start looking for it. Should have changed it,


      “Don’t call me that,” I growl, gripping the straps on my backpack even


      “Take off your hoodie, Meadow,” he rasps. “Let me see you. Let me

see the girl who has fucked my life up for the past year. It’s been so long,

hasn’t it? Last time I saw those baby blue eyes, you were jumpin’ off a

bridge tryin’ to end your life.”

I flinch and anger builds in my chest.

       I let go of my backpack and grip my sunglasses and I pull them off,

then I lower my hoodie and rip my cap off. I want him to see me. I want

him to look into my eyes and see the determination there. He won’t beat

me, it doesn’t matter how hard he tries – I’ll try harder. I lift my face

and I stare him right in the eyes. And it’s because of that, I notice his


      His body flinches, only just barely, and his eyes widen. He hasn’t seen

me since that awful night. Our interaction after that, was done with me

being fully covered. I stand on trembling legs as he takes me in, letting

his eyes move over my body. I notice when he narrows his eyes, that he

has small lines beside his eyes, the only indication of his age.

      “Well fuck me, Cricket. You grew up and became a knock out, and

here you are, wastin’ it by runnin’ when all you have to do, is give me

what I want and you can go on your way. Wouldn’t it be nice to be a

normal girl?”

      “Do you think I’m stupid?” I say, trying to stop my voice from


      He glares at me. “You are fuckin’ stupid, because you’ve been wastin’

your time running for me for the past year.”

      “And I’ll continue running from you, Axel. I won’t stop. And if you

think I’m going to fall for your promises of freedom for me if I hand

over the goods, then you know nothing about me. I’ve lived with bikers

before, remember? I’ve seen the promises made. You’ll not get your

hands on me…”

His eyes harden and he takes a step forward. I brace myself to run.

       “Is that so? Funny, because you’re the one trapped against a toilet

wall with no where to go.”

       “Again,” I whisper, reaching around behind me and gripping the long

metal poles I’ve been edging closer to. “You don’t know me, if you knew

me, you’d know that I know what I’m doing by now, and no one traps

me against a wall.”

      I swing the pole. His body moves to block it, but it hits his hands so

hard he goes reeling back with a roar. I swing it again, connecting with

his kneecaps. When he drops to the ground, I run. It’s one thing I do

know how to do. I put my head down, my arms by my side and I run as

fast as I can move.

        I hear Axel’s bellow, and I know he’s calling for his men. I have

seconds. I hit the trees just as I hear the shouts beginning to grow

louder behind me. I skid to my left, running through a narrow set of tall

trees, in an attempt to get into the thicker shrubs. My sneakers crunch,

and I know there’s no way I can pull this off quietly, but I will pull it off.

I hear the sounds of boots crunching in the distance, and I have no

doubt Axel has his entire group of men spreading out to chase me. My

adrenalin spikes, and I pick up my face, ignoring the sweat pouring

down my face, or the branches scratching into my skin. I won’t let him

beat me now, not after everything I’ve fought for.

       I pick up my pace when I come to a clearing, running hard and fast.

It’s never good to be caught in a clearing, I’ve learned that. I put my head

down, and run as hard as I can. I can hardly breathe through my panting,

it’s so intense. The sweat begins to fill my eyes and it burns. I blink

rapidly, lifting my hand to swipe it quickly across, trying to remove

some of it. It only makes it worse.

      “Stop, Meadow, do yourself a favor!” Axel bellows.

       I look over my shoulder to see him and six other men running

towards me. My adrenalin spikes and I focus my attention in front of me.

The only thing I can see is a large river off what looks like a small ledge.

My heart skitters. Can I jump off that?

       “Stop now and I’ll make it easier for you.”

I don’t have a choice.

I have to jump.

       I run to the edge, and skid to a stop as I look down at the flowing

water. My entire body stiffens and my breath hitches. Memories of that

night on the bridge flash through my mind. My skin begins to prickle,

and it becomes even harder to breathe. It’s not the same, you can swim

now and the water is nice, clear and safe. You won’t die. You just have to

get over the other side.

      “She won’t jump,” I hear Axel yell.

       “Hurry it up!” someone else bellows.

        I hear the sound of boots crunching coming closer. God, if they get

hold of me now, all this has been for nothing. I stare down at the water,

and goosebumps break out over my skin. I can’t breathe, I can hardly

concentrate. I know they’ll get me any moment. I close my eyes, taking a

deep breath.

        “Promise me, Meadow…”

My father’s words spring back into my mind and I know I have to do

this. So, without opening my eyes, I jump. It happens in what feels like

slow motion, my entire body plummets to the water below. I hit it flat

on my stomach, knocking the wind out of me. I sink quickly, even though

I can swim now, the panic has my body stiffening in fear.

I begin to struggle.

My backpack is too heavy.

       I shake my head from side to side, keeping my mouth clamped shut,

kicking my legs as hard as I can. I feel a set of hard arms go around me,

and I sieze. I’m slowly being pulled to the surface, on that surface I’ll be

taken somewhere I don’t want to go. At the realization of that, I start

kicking harder, until I hit the person holding me.

         When I surface, I gasp a breath of air in, and I kick hard towards

the other side. I hear Axel’s crackled voice sound out behind me. “Stop

fuckin’ running Cricket, we’re not going to keep doing this.”

Oh yes we are.

      I kick harder, using everything inside me to get to the other side. I

reach the bank and launch myself up, gripping the sides with my hands.

I’m about to pull my body up, when those arms go around me again and

yank me back down. With a scream, I go crashing back into the water.

Axel has me, and he spins my body around so I’m facing him. Up close I

can see his eyes, and I hate that he makes my heart flutter.

I’m supposed to hate him.

      “Quit this fuckin’ bullshit and just give in.”

      “No,” I growl, shoving at his chest.

      “I won’t play this game with you any longer, Cricket. If I have to, I will

hurt you.”

      I lean in close. “Does it look like I care?”

       He growls and pins me tighter against his body. When I’m this close

to him, and my body is pressing against his, I can feel every part of him.

His powerful form is twice the size of mine, and a good solid foot taller.

His arms tighten around me, and I know I have to think quickly. I stare

up at him, meeting those devastating eyes.

       “Please,” I whisper. “Don’t do this to me.”

His eyes soften a touch, but only a touch. “Then give me what I want.”

I’m playing, only he doesn’t know it.

      “I cared about you Axel, can’t you just remember that and let me go.

Remember how once, you cared for me too.”

      He shakes his head. “Nice try, Cricket. It ain’t gonna work.”

      I let my eyes fill with fake tears. “He was all I had left and you took

him from me, now you’re going to take the last of him and leave me with


       He narrows his gaze. “You’ll find a way, that’s what strong people do.”

      “No, Axel, that’s what you would do. I’m not you.”

       “Girl I knew wouldn’t have a problem being that strong.”

       “I’m not the girl you once knew, I grew up, Axel. Or hadn’t you


        I press myself harder against him and he growls. I want to lean up

and kiss him, I can smell his masculine scent and it’s killing me that it’s

affecting my control. I realize I’m staring at his lips, and I quickly turn

away, biting mine.

       “Stop fuckin’ doin’ that,” he murmurs.

        I look back up at him, and slowly I lean up so my lips just graze his

ear. I’m having him on, I need to escape, but my body is betraying me,

because it’s enjoying the feeling of being in his arms. “Doing what?” I


       “Fuckin’ hell, stop,” he growls.

        I let a warm puff of air tickle his neck, and then I lean down, and I bite

him so hard I draw blood. His bellow of pain as he reels backwards is

enough to let me know it fucking hurt. I spin quickly, not looking back.

I launch up onto the bank, and without stopping, I run into the line of


        “I’ll fuckin’ find you, Willow,” Axel roars. “Mark my fuckin’ words.”

I have no doubt he will.

But like always, I’ll find a way to escape him.

I always do.
About the Author
Bella Jewel is an Aussie girl through and through. She spent her life in Western Australia, growing up in many different areas of the state. She now currently lives in Perth with her husband, children and mass amounts of pets. She's crazy, fun, outgoing and friendly. Writing is her passion, she started at the young age of 18 but finally got the courage up to publish, and her first novel Hell's Knights was released in August 2013.

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