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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Enslaved by the Ocean by Bella Jewel

The Run Down

  • Hero/Heroine = 4
  • Supporting Characters = 3
  • Plot = 4
  • Setting = 4
  • Originality = 4
  • Romance = 3
  • Sex = 5

Total Score

The Gist of the Thing

On the run from a dangerous ex, Indigo is captured by pirates. 

Technical Details 

  •  Published by  on December 7, 2013.
  • I received a review copy from the author in exchange for a honest review.
  • 204 pages
  • Contemporary romance
  • Criminals of the Ocean #1

    Back Blurb

    Indigo is running, she has no other choice. She's done something bad, and there only way to escape it, is to flee her home, and her country. She sets out on a luxury Yacht, to take her to another country with her best friend Eric. But she runs into a problem. 

    The Yacht catches fire. 

    She ends up stranded in the ocean, terrified, and scared of the uncertain. Until they show up. The pirates. Terrified, Indigo and Eric have to face the reality that this might be the end for them. These are pirates, they are the criminals of the ocean. What chance have they got of surviving this nightmare?

    Then she lays eyes on Hendrix. He's the Captain, he's gorgeous, rugged, and mean. He's planning on keeping her to repay his debt to another man, by selling her. Now Indigo has a crazy ex after her, as well as a pirate she can't seem to get out of her head.

    Come on this heart wrenching, dark, angsty and dangerous adventure as two people so opposite, find something so beautiful.

    What I LIKED about this book.

    Hot sex and crazy action. 

    What I DISLIKED about this book.

    Heavy on the coincidental meetings. For such a big world, people pop up at the mention of their name. 

    Full Review

    Despite the coincidence issue, which really wasn't an issue for me but rather an observation, I liked the plot. It was action packed and had lave hot sex. Bella Jewel is a great descriptive writer. After reading the first half of this book before the pirates pick Indigo up, I decided I need to carry large quantities of bottled water and economy size SPF 1000 sunblock. She described such a painful lost at sea scenario. Very impressed with her skill as a writer. 

    I came to this book after reading her motorcycle club series. Ms. Jewel is branching out from the MC guys and on to high seas criminals. Sometimes I worry a writer can only work within their niche. Ms. Jewel does just fine in the switch. Hendrix is more of a criminal than the MC boys ever were but she still manages to make him a sympathetic and likable anti-hero. 

    There is a suitable end to this story but also a mini cliffhanger of sorts to open the door for the characters in the next book. Sign me up!

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