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Friday, November 15, 2013

Like Gravity by Julie Johnson

The Run Down

  • Hero/Heroine = 4
  • Supporting Characters = 3
  • Plot = 4
  • Setting = 5
  • Originality = 4
  • Romance = 4
  • Sex = 4

Total Score

The Gist of the Thing

Damaged heroine with a traumatic past meets a man who refuses to be shut out of her heart. 

Technical Details

  •  Published by Julie Johnson on August 26, 2013.
  • I received a review copy from the author in exchange for a honest review.
  • 310 pages
  • Contemporary  romance

    Back Blurb

    Twenty year-old Brooklyn “Bee” Turner is no stranger to grief. After witnessing her mother’s brutal murder at age six, Brooklyn is guarded, damaged, and – by all accounts – a bitch. And that’s just the way she likes it, if it means keeping everyone at arm’s length. When she stumbles, quite literally, into Finn Chambers – campus ladies’ man and the lead singer of a local band —she’s unprepared for his persistence in befriending her, and for the dangerous attraction she begins to feel for him. 

    Because with Finn, she knows it would be more than just sex. More than just friendship. And maybe even more than just love. When a sinister presence from her past reemerges, Brooklyn will be pushed to her breaking point. For the first time in fifteen years, she will confront both her grief and her memories, as she plays a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with an unforeseen enemy. Because sometimes, the demons we must confront aren’t only on the inside...

    **Like Gravity is a new full-length standalone romantic suspense novel, intended for audiences ages 17+**

    What I LIKED about this book.

    Main characters were easy to root for. I wanted them to get a HEA so bad I could taste it. 

    What I DISLIKED about this book.

    I wanted more people to understand Bee. She had good reasons for wanting to isolate herself. Not enough people took the time to push past her shell. 

    Full Review

    Bee is an ice queen. She comes across to others as cold and unfeeling. She only has one friend and probably would not have her if she wasn't so determined to be friends with Bee. Bee is actually a great person. She was horribly traumatized as a child and built up her walls to keep people out ever since. Finn is someone who likes to scale walls. He sees something in Bee that makes her worth the effort. Bee doesn't make it easy for him. She pushes him away but he comes back like a boomerang. Bee deserves to find happiness. Finn is just the man to give it to her. 

    Follow this link to view so great fan made art on Julie Johnson's website. 

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    Like Gravity Playlist

    Music is an important theme throughout Like Gravity. These are the songs that most inspired Brooklyn and Finn’s story:
    1. Crash Into Me – Dave Matthews
    2. Head Over Feet – Alanis Morissette
    3. Blackbird – The Beatles
    4. The Scientist – Coldplay
    5. The Only Exception – Paramore
    6. In My Veins – Andrew Belle
    7. Skinny Love – Birdy
    8. Love, Love, Love – Of Monsters and Men
    9. Home – Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
    10. Can’t Help Falling in Love – Ingrid Michaelson
    11. Fix You – Coldplay
    12. I and Love and You – The Avett Brothers
    13. The One The Got Away – The Civil Wars
    14. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room – John Mayer
    15. Same Old, Same Old – The Civil Wars
    16. Gravity – Sara Bareilles

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