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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Preservation by Rachael Wade

The Run Down

  • Hero/Heroine = 4
  • Supporting Characters = 4
  • Plot = 4
  • Setting = 4
  • Originality = 3
  • Romance = 4
  • Sex = 4

Total Score 

The Gist of the Thing

Student/Teacher romp between two very guarded individuals.

Technical Details

  • Published by Rabbit Hole Press JKSCommunications on April 8, 2012

  • I received a ARC from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
  • 217  pages
  • Contemporary romance
  • #1 Preservation Series

    Back Blurb 

    Fear is sabotage’s sweetest weapon.

    Kate has no time for meaningless romantic charades, and definitely no time for hot college professors who are full of themselves and smitten with her. Constantly battling eviction notices, tuition she can’t afford, and a sick, dependent mother, the last thing she needs is to be distracted with someone else’s complicated baggage. 

    When she stumbles into Ryan Campbell’s creative writing class, he is only “Mr. Campbell” to her, until Ryan finds himself captivated by her writing and she is forced to face their mutual attraction. His cocky know-it-all syndrome is enough to send her running in the other direction, and his posse of female admirers and playboy reputation are enough to squander any odds in her favor. 

    But underneath Ryan’s abrasive facade is something to behold, and she can’t stay away for long. Ryan and Kate must decide who they’re willing to become and fight against their former selves if they want to make things work. That’s if academia, vicious vixens, old skeletons, and their own mastery at self-destruction don’t pummel their efforts first.

    What I LIKED about this book.

    They acted like adults and took a step back instead of letting things get toxic.

    What I DISLIKED about this book.

    That was some shady business on Ryan's part at the publisher. 

    Full Review

    The book starts with a little back story on Ryan, the hero. I was glad for this back story because it prevented me from thinking he was a complete jerk. He's wounded, allowed himself to go down some less than stellar roads, and is finally ready to turn himself around. Kate has so much heaped on her shoulder she doesn't have time to play patch up the poor professor. The heart wants what the heart wants and you can only resist for so long. I was proud of how honest Ryan was with Kate.

    Kate made mistakes too, some that cost her personally more than Ryan's mistakes cost him. Near the end I was a little afraid I was not going to get my HEA but the author pulled it out of her hat perfectly.

    BOOK 2

    BOOK 3

    Preservation (Preservation Series, #1) Playlist

    1.    Remain Nameless by Florence + The Machine 
    2.    Sabotage by Beastie Boys 
    3.    Revelry by Kings Of Leon 
    4.    Cornflake Girl by Tori Amos 
    5.    Why Do You Love Me by Garbage 
    6.    Crystalised by The xx 
    7.    Beggin by Madcon 
    8.    Little Lion Man by Mumford & Sons 
    9.    Black by Pearl Jam 
    10.    I might be wrong by Radiohead 
    11.    Strangeness And Charm by Florence and The Machine 
    12.    Airplanes (Feat. Hayley Williams Of Paramore) by B.o.B 
    13.    Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy 
    14.    How’s It Going To Be by Third Eye Blind 
    15.    Undone — The Sweater Song by Weezer 
    16.    Another Brick In The Wall(Part 2) by Floyd, Pink 
    17.    Mrs. Robinson by Simon & Garfunkel 
    18.    Shake it Out by Florence + the Machine 
    19.    Love Song by 311 
    20.    Escape (The Pina Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes 
    21.    Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana 
    22.    Creep by Radiohead

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