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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Head First Falling by Melissa Guinn

The Run Down

  • Hero/Heroine = 4
  • Supporting Characters = 4
  • Plot = 4
  • Setting = 4
  • Originality = 3
  • Romance = 5
  • Sex = 4

Total Score 

The Gist of the Thing

Jackson and Charlie have been friends all their lives. They have fought their mutual attraction but the death of Charlie's brother might be the final wedge between them. 

Technical Details

  • Published by Carina Press on September 123, 2013
  • I received a ARC from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
  • 262 pages
  • Contemporary romance

Back Blurb 

Falling in love. It doesn't seem to fit, like falling shouldn't be used in conjunction with love. We don't fall gracefully. In fact, there's nothing graceful about it. We crash into things—hit them hard, bounce around, give ourselves cuts, bruises or break bones… And it's never planned. It takes you by surprise. You lose control. Charlie Day fell in love with Jackson Stiles a long time ago. But that was before he and her brother enlisted and went to Iraq. Before Jackson came back different. Before they told Charlie her brother would never come back at all. A lot of things have changed since then. But when Jackson takes a job at the company where Charlie works, she discovers that one thing hasn't changed—the spark between them. She's not sure she can love this new Jackson, or forgive him for the part he played in her brother's death. It's too bad for Charlie that, with love, you don't always have a choice.

What I LIKED about this book.

Jackson was aware if his faults. When he messed up, he went about fixing the damage quickly. He was a gentleman to Charlie, which I loved.

What I DISLIKED about this book.

Charlie is in a serious relationship with Jackson and no one calls him in an emergency? By the time Charlie was able to tell anyone yea or nay, I would have figured her friends had already contacted him. Seemed odd to me. 

Full Review

If you think about it, we have no shortage of military men in the dating world. The traumas of war are real. Melissa Guinn captures a real life problem in the pages of her book. How do you act like a civilian again? Can you build a lasting relationship with the ghosts of whatever you endured while serving? Sure, not every person who serves is going to see things like Jackson did. Enough of them do, though. I like how Jackson comments on the awareness a soldier must learn to use in their surroundings. Deployed to hostile locations, everyone is a potential threat. You watch your back 24/7.

In Head First Falling, Jackson was enlisted with Charlie's brother. He was there when her brother died. That adds a painful dynamic to the already tense situation. They have never given themselves a chance at being together. With the death of Charlie's brother, they wonder if they have waited too long to try. A realistic, romance that deals with grief, trust, and moving on with life. I hope we visit some of the characters again in the future. 

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