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Friday, September 6, 2013

Feature Follow Friday 1

 The Feature & Follow Friday is hosted by TWO hosts, Parajunkee’s View and Alison Can Read.
This week's activity is a tour of your bookshelf. Most of my books are digital. It is just how I roll these days. I do have a bookshelf for my hardbacks, signed copies, and paperbacks. I need another shelf! 

 As you can see I am running out of space. I like to keep hardback copies of certain authors. I have a digital copy of all my books as back up. I have not made the switch to 100% digital and I do not think I ever will. I cannot imagine my house without books lying around.

The top shelf is where I keep a few special items. I remember that elephant book end being on my mother's book shelf my whole child hood. It doesn't match a single thing in my home and I could care less. The dried roses are from my middle daughter's first dance recital last may. She did not do much dancing but she did get up on stage in front of everyone. I am a proud mama. The crystal cross was a wedding present. The orchid is fake. I have killed three live orchids. I decided this was more humane. See the blue painter's tape on the wall? I just noticed it.

Next is my technical shelf. I call it this because it has a dictionary, and two books on the writing process. That is where the technical ends. LOL! There are four bibles, not sure why I have four. A collection of famous world literature, whose who of mythology, Edgar Allan Poe collection that is falling apart at the spine, Ghosts and Spirits encyclopedia, and five photo albums.

The paperback shelf. I don't keep paperbacks unless they are signed or ARC's. After I read them I trade them on Paperback Swap. My hardbacks start on this shelf. I keep them in alphabetical order by last name. Julie Garwood's Ransom is the first hardback. I adore that book. My copy of The Princess Bride is on this shelf. Another book I treasure.

Sherrilyn Kenyon to Teresa Medeiros. Julia Kleypas Wallflowers, a few of Johanna Lindsay's Malory-Anderson books, Enchanted by Elizabeth Lowell, The first two books in the Lords of Avalon series by Kinley McGregor are in between.

Karen Marie Moning to J.R.R. Tolkien. I want all of the Highlander books by Moning in hardback, but I don't have them yet. I do have all the Fever books. My Shadowfever copy is signed! *Swoon. Two signed Kat Murray books, my awesome friend. I am missing a HP. Saving those for my kiddos. Hey! There is my Scary Stories Treasury. I thought I lost that...

The junk shelf. Not really junk, notebooks with some plot work for my own book that 
may never see the light of day. There are a few small albums of pets and old yearbooks.

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