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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Beneath the Surface by M.A. Stacie

The Run Down

  • Hero/Heroine = 4
  • Supporting Characters = 4
  • Plot = 4
  • Setting = 4
  • Originality = 3
  • Romance = 3
  • Sex = 5

Total Score


The Gist of the Thing

Kyran and Dale have some baggage. Dale always picks losers. Kyran gets in the ring to let his rage loose. Emotionally, they are both a mess. Together they are able to find peace. 

Technical Details

  • Published by Smith Publicity - The Writer's Coffee Shop on August 6, 2013
  • I received a digital ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 
  • 209 pages
  • Contemporary romance and Erotica
  • Reluctance Series #1

Back Blurb 

Kyran Reese is a man in control. Driven when it comes to work, focused when it comes to play. From his office to the chalk circle of Metro’s bare-knuckle boxing ring, his only thought is to win. That thirst heightens when Dale Porter enters his life. His brother’s assistant should be off-limits, but her witty comments and sarcastic comebacks have him desperate to get her between the sheets. After receiving an unexpected left hook, Kyran gets exactly what he wants, though he makes the rules very clear.
When Dale agrees to Kyran’s relationship stipulation of no labels, she’s sucked into a whirlwind of lust, money, and underground boxing.  The agreement to keep their lust away from the office is discarded when rules are molded to suit their ever-increasing attraction. Dale fights her growing affection, trying to hide it even when the world around them spirals out of control. All too soon she realizes she can’t hide her true feelings any longer. Kyran begins to wonder if he’s finally met his match, and with his family falling apart before his eyes, he turns to the two things he knows will keep him sane: boxing and Dale. Those crutches can’t last forever, and when Kyran finds it harder to function he is left with a decision he never thought he’d have to make.
Could playing to win mean playing for keeps?

What I LIKED about this book.

Chemistry between the H/h is intense. They make each other better people. 

What I DISLIKED about this book.

Misplaced blame. H/h need to learn to lay the blame at the feet of who deserves it and stop torturing each other. 

Full Review

Kyran is a busy man. Kyran's father left business to him and his younger brother. Instead of it being a joint operation, Kyran spends most days doing everything himself and cleaning up after his irresponsible brother. Dale is hired as his brother's new assistant. In reality she is more of a babysitter. Frustrated with life, Kyran likes to let out his aggression in the boxing ring. Dale is attracted to Kyran but he is the boss, well one of them anyway. She is not about to cross that line. Well, she might. Okay, she will totally cross that line. Kyran is hot and when he sets his mind to seducing Dale, how could she resist? The relationship is supposed to be about sex. Scratch the itch and move on when they are done with each other. No one is supposed to fall in love. 

Romance is on the low end in this book but it does not lack for the tummy butterflies. No boxes of chocolate for my valentine. It still makes for a steamy, hot read. I enjoyed the direct approach Dale and Kyran took. Lack of romance does not mean lack of emotional depth. For two people who wanted a no strings attached romance to avoid getting involved, they surely do start feeling fiercely for each other early on. 

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