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Friday, August 2, 2013

You is smart, You is Kind, You is Important.

This woman is beautiful.

Beauty is not a dress size. It is not defined by how small or large your waist measures. Maybe you have dangerous curves, maybe you don't. Maybe you are svelte, maybe you aren't. Who is to say you are or are not beautiful?

This woman is beautiful, too.

Beauty is not the number on your scale. This is a reflection of fat, muscle, water, and clothing on your body. This number might indicate your health, but it is only a factor. If a body builder stands on the scale, their BMI and weight will technically label them as overweight. The scale is unreliable. Think of it as the backstabbing best friend you had but could never figure out why you kept around. She lies to you and about you.

You are the person closest to you. You have the most influence on you. Do not tell yourself that you are dumb, or ugly, or unworthy. It isn't true. We are all beautiful to someone. To someone we mean the world. If even one person feels that way about you, doesn't that count for something? Can't YOU love yourself? There is a difference between loving yourself and being a narcissist. It really is okay to love you for you.

Me, well I am not a skinny girl. I have skinny friends that I love. I have overweight friends that I love. My friends love me. My kids think I am beautiful. My husband thinks I am sexy. These are the things I remind myself when I want to fall into the pit of despair over my appearance. Am I perfect? Far from! I have gobs of flaws, and that is okay.
Shape, color, level of education, and any other things you can use to talk yourself down, let it go. You are you and you are speacil.
"Be yourself, everyone else is taken." -Oscar Wilde

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