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Thursday, August 1, 2013

"That's What He Said" Thursday 2

Amanda: "I thought only a wooden stake through the heart killed a vampire."
Kyrian: "A wooden stake through the heart will kill just about anything. And if it doesn't, run like hell."
Goodreads Decription

The Dark-Hunters are ancient warriors who have sworn to protect mankind and the fate of the world is in their hands. . .

Dear Reader,
Have you ever wanted to know what it's like to be immortal? To journey through the night stalking the evil that preys on humans? To have unlimited wealth, unlimited power? That is my existence, and it is dark and dangerous. I play hero to thousands, but am known to none. And I love every minute of it.
Or so I thought until one night when I woke up handcuffed to my worst nightmare: a conservative woman in a button-down shirt. Or in Amanda's case, buttoned all the way up to her chin. She's smart, sexy, witty, and wants nothing to do with the paranormal-in other words, me.
My attraction to Amanda Devereaux goes against everything I stand for. Not to mention the last time I fell in love it cost me not only my human life, but also my very soul. Yet every time I look at her, I find myself wanting to try again. Wanting to believe that love and loyalty do exist.
Even more disturbing, I find myself wondering if there's any way a woman like Amanda can love a man whose battle scars run deep, and whose heart was damaged by a betrayal so savage that he's not sure it will ever beat again.
-Kyrian of Thrace
Amanda: "Oh God, I just kissed a vampire!"
Kyrian: "Oh Gods, I just kissed a human!"

Forbidden Fruit Rating

That's what he said. 

The beautiful Rose and Julie make up the daring duo over at Chapter Break. This is their weekly thing, I think it's neat. So here I am. 

The second book in the popular Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. To date, there are twenty-nine books in the Dark Hunter universe. I have read twenty-six. Of all the heroes I have read, Kyrian of Thrace sticks out in my mind as the best. He's funny, sexy, and a lethal warrior. An alpha male that manages to stay in charge without being a bossy pain in the butt. Amanda complicates things for Kyrian. He was happy to spend the rest of his immortality killing Daimons. Now, he is questioning his choices. As one of the original Dark Hunters, ( correct me if I am wrong) he has been doing this gig for a long time. He has never complained about wanting more. Amanda changes everything. 

Amanda: "You're a Dark Hunter." 
He (Kyrian) kissed her lightly on the lips. "What I am is a man in love with a woman. I want you, Amanda. For the rest of my blessedly short mortal life. I want to wake at dawn with you in my arms and watch our children play and fight.”

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