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Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 8 - 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge

15 Day Book Blogging Challenge hosted by Good Books, Good Wine's Challenge 

I cannot say that I had ever given this one any thought before. I found this challenge to be harder than the previous days. 

Quick! Write 15 bullets of things that appeal to you on blogs. 

  1. I want to see YOU. The writer of a review is unique and it is this individuality that will bring me back or turn me away. I am reading the review as much for the reviewer as I am for the book. 
  2. Respond to your comments. If a reader takes the time to comment, take the time to say something back. 
  3. Be fearless. You cannot make everyone happy. Don't try to shape your blog around what will please others if it doesn't please you. It's your blog, be you. Some people won't like it. Others will love you for it. 
  4. Have confidence in your review. There is no right or wrong in a review. They are opinions, not facts. If we, the readers, disagree with you that is fine. Don't let that make you waffle on your stance. If you loved it or hated it, embrace that and tell us why. 
  5. Speak English, please. I am not qualified to teach anyone grammar, etc.I do expect some basic ability to form a sentence. I am okay with a few errors or typos, and you can use some lol's and other such speak. However, I cannot trendy text speak or millions of misspellings for long. Example: "Hai therr! Wats up with u guys? I been reeding sum books but I needs a new 1 soon. Wat do u think is a good book? Oh! Tell me why u like it to. kthxbai!" *Bangs head on desk. 
  6. Watch your font and colors. A black background with dark blue text is impossible to read. Using super small font or font that is too fancy, for example, can be hard to read. 
  7. Break up the sea of words. A post that goes on forever with nothing to break it up looks daunting. Space it out into paragraphs. Add a picture to jazz it up. 
  8. De-clutter, my dear. I struggle to include all the aspects I need without creating a blog mess. It is hard, but it can be done. Or so I've been told. I have yet to figure it out. 
  9. Variety is good. Try a little of everything. Do a meme, post something personal, talk about an issue on your mind, write a review, you get the drift. 
  10. Mind your filters. I don't mind visiting a blog that is NSFW. I need a warning though. If it is the first time I have visited your blog and I have no idea what content I might find, I like to know if I need to check over my shoulder first. 
  11. Be social! Do you have a facebook or a twitter so I can interact with you? I like that. 
  12. Don't be a hater. Every now and then you might get upset about something and it shows. We are all human. If you make a habit of being rude or mean, I will probably avoid you. 
  13. Search. I have been seeing this bullet on the other challenge participant's lists. It makes sense. I need to check if I have this feature. 
  14. Don't leave me hanging. You don't have to post on a schedule. If you post every other month, I probably bailed a while ago. 
  15. F-U-N. I am not reading a medical dictionary. Let's have some fun. 

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