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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 7 - 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge

In honor of Quirkiness, I give you my pug in a flowerpot. Inigo is quirky, too. 

15 Day Book Blogging Challenge hosted by Good Books, Good Wine's Challenge 

Talk about your blogging quirks

  1. Links. I include links to authors, books, and websites every chance I get. 
  2. I blog on the fly. I don't do a lot of revisions or outline what I want to say beforehand. I like to give my purest impression to the readers. This is not always a good idea. Someday, I might change this but for now it is how I work.
  3. Typos. I am the queen of them. A single typo can cause my eye to twitch. Several typos will have be cursing at the screen. The biggest downfall to my blog on the fly strategy. 
  4. Profanity is verboten. I try to avoid using foul language or explicit language. I want to appeal to as many readers as I can. In person, I cannot promise to stick to this rule. My mouth is not as classy as my Mama raised me to be. 
  5. I have multiple personalities. One day I will be very clinical, down to business. The next you might find me a loony toon. My mood has a huge impact on how I write the post. For this reason I avoid posting in a bad mood. 
  6. Procrastination. I put things off. I try to set a schedule to get it all done but in the end I don't follow them well. 
  7. List maker of epic proportions. I will spend an insane amount of time making a schedule or putting together and list to not give it a second glance once it is done. 
  8. Pictures and .Gifs. I like to add pictures and .gifs (or moving pictures). Some people really hate .gifs. Hades hates them. 
  9. ASAP reviews. If I wait too long to review the book I just read, I will forget what I wanted to say about the book. I already have to double check names and places because I am afraid of misspelling. The specific points I wanted to make blur until they fade. 
  10. Making my past English teachers cringe.  I was very good at English in school. I was in the accelerated classes which means we did not focus on grammar as much as we did Literature. My grammar is lacking at times and I am sure my English teachers would die if they read my blog. 

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