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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 2 - 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge

Oops, I am a day behind. Better catch up!

15 Day Book Blogging Challenge hosted by Good Books, Good Wine's Challenge 

Day 2: What is your bedtime reading ritual?

  1. Find my reading glasses. Did I leave them on the nightstand or in the drawer?
  2. Clean my reading glasses because I always have something on them. I have no idea how they get so dirty. 
  3. Turn on my Nook.
  4. Shriek at the eye scorcher setting the screen is on. 
  5. Adjust the brightness all the way down.
  6. Get comfy with my gazillion pillows. 
  7. Now I have to pee. Of Course.
  8. Repeat number six.
  9. Choose my book or return to the last page I was reading. 
  10. Read until my eyes start to blur. 
  11. Turn my Nook off to conserve the battery, set it on the nightstand.
  12. Check on older two kids. Son asleep with pug and golden retriever? Check. Daughter asleep with Siamese cat snoozing on her head? Check. 
  13. Fight for space in my bed (husband, and baby, and cats, oh my!).
  14.  Go to sleep.  

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