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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 11 - 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge

15 Day Book Blogging Challenge hosted by Good Books, Good Wine's Challenge 

Show off! 5 of your best blog posts. 

For day 11, I am supposed to pick my five best posts. This is a nerve racking. I am not sure how to gauge my best posts. I learned quickly that what I think is brilliant doesn't make it brilliant to the public. I have banged a few out that I though were pretty meh, and have gotten rave reviews. I have spent days working on a post to have it bomb. I am not going to decide which are the five best, but instead rely on the number of views to pick my five best. Here they are in order starting with number five.

5. Outlaw by Nicole James (38 views)

Talk about an emotional read. Cole Austin is the hero, well he's the anti hero. He isn't a bad guy but far from a straight laced boy next door. His menacing reputation help the heroine escape a nasty fate. Cole saves Angel from a really evil member of Cole's motorcycle club. Things get better once Angel is safe with Cole, but remain crazy. It is possible that Angel and Cole might been able to find their HEA shortly after meeting except for the people conspiring against them. Lies tear them apart and tragedy will bring them back together. I was all over the place emotionally while reading Outlaw. Once I started reading I did not want to put it down. I was forced to when my eyes gave out on be around two in the morning. Not a happy campy I had to quit. Picked it back up first thing the next morning. 

Read it HERE

4. Big List of Bad Boy Bikers (39 views)

MMMmmmmm, is for motorcycle. They are large and in charge. One of my favorite's is tattooed, motorcycle riding, bad boys. This list will tell you some titles and authors you can check out if you have a hankering for some MC hotties. 

Read it HERE

3. Where's the Love?  (46 views)

On her Facebook page, author Mandy Roth addressed the prejudice against romance novels. Ever been told you read mommy porn? Tell someone you read romance and had them comment about it negatively  Why does it matter what a person reads? Isn't it great a person reads at all? Romance readers are all about the love. Don't hate on us. 

Read it HERE

2. Souls of the Stones Character Interview (62 views)

I interviewed Emariya . Her journey is told by the author Kelly Walker. Riya has a fantastical adventure. She meets mother's killers, faces a prophecy, and makes an alliance through marriage.This is barely scratching the surface of all that Riya must surmount. Her world is turned upside down. She doesn't know who she can trust anymore and everyone wants something from her. This was my first character interview and also Riya's first interview. It was so nice to talk with her. Riya is a strong woman to be admired.

Read it HERE

1. The Military Romance (297 views!)

Credit By His Boots
On Memorial Day I posted about military romance novels. I listed some of the books I had read or heard were good from others that featured the military. I listed  nineteen series' written by sixteen authors. This post has become my most popular post with 297 views. WOW! That is unheard of for my blog. 

Read it HERE

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