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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cover Reveal! Derek by Dawn Martens

Derek (Resisting Love 4) by Dawn Martens

Rylie Sullivan hasn’t had an easy life. She is broken, so broken she doesn’t think she will ever be fixed. When she meets Derek, he barges into her life and tries to break down the walls she has so carefully construed to keep what’s left of her safe. When Rylie’s past mixes with her present, will Derek stand by her and help her survive? Or will he bail for the next pretty thing?

Derek Tremaine has had it easy. Coming from a wealthy family and blessed with good looks, Derek has breezed through life. After years of one night stands, and a few half ass attempts at relationships, Derek has almost given up on ever finding the woman for him. When he sees Rylie however, he can’t help but be drawn to her. Rylie is different, more so than any other person Derek has met. Rylie’s beauty- her tattoos, piercings and beautiful blonde dreads drew him in, but it’s her sweet, kind nature that makes him want to stay around and protect her. Winning Rylie’s heart will be his greatest challenge yet, but Derek knows the reward will be more than worth it. 

Which is why Derek has no intentions of letting her go.

Expected Publication Date: Fall 2013

Read an excerpt from the book!

About the Author

Love the punky colors in Dawn's hair!

I'm Dawn. I co-wrote a two books(Chase and Kade) with fellow author Chantal Fernando, in the Resisting Love series. We went solo on three of the books, she wrote Ryder, and she is writing James, and I'm writing DerekAlso working on a book currently with my friend Isabella Bearden, called A Second Chance!
AND I'm currently writing a book with good friend Emily Minton called Whiskey Lullaby

I drink too much, Swear too much, and Read too much. Yes I read too much. I don't have a filter, and I tend to speak before I think. I'm a beta reader for many authors, I'm on a few authors ARC list, because apparently I'm THAT awesome. ;) And I also Edit. Not a professional, but I do help a few with that.
I have two children, 5&2, and have another on the way. They bug the shit outta me, but hey, that's what kids are supposed to do. ;) Married since 2007. He's amazing, but he's also a bigger pain in my ass than my kids are.

I love to read. and I love being able to write stories that *I* want to read! I couldn't do this without the help of some very special friends!

Author Links:

Dawn Martens

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There be dragons

I was talking with the readers in the Shifter-A-Thon-Read-Along about dragons. This month the pick was Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison.

Publisher Description

Half-human and half-Wyr, Pia Giovanni spent her life keeping a low profile among the Wyrkind and avoiding the continuing conflict between them and their Dark Fae enemies. But after being blackmailed into stealing a coin from the hoard of a dragon, Pia finds herself targeted by one of the most powerful—and passionate—of the Elder Races. As the most feared and respected of the Wyrkind, Dragos Cuelebre cannot believe someone had the audacity to steal from him, much less succeed. And when he catches the thief, Dragos spares her life, claiming her as his own to further explore the desire they've ignited in each other.
Pia knows she must repay Dragos for her trespass, but refuses to become his slave—although she cannot deny wanting him, body and soul

Forbidden Fruit Rating

We discussed the serious lack of dragon shifters as heroes in the vast sea of shifter romance. I knew I had read some good ones so I mad up a brief list with lots of links for you to check out. You know, just in case you fall off the wagon at Dragons Anonymous. 

1. Dragon Kin is a series by G.A. Aiken

G.A. Aiken suggests they be read in this order:

Aiken's Order
  1. Dragon Actually
  2. "Chains & Flames" from Dragon Actually
  3. About a Dragon
  4. "Can't Get Enough" from Everlasting Bad Boys
  5. What a Dragon Should Know
  6. Last Dragon Standing
  7. "Dragon On Top" from Supernatural
  8. The Dragon Who Loved Me
If you want to read them in chronological order, this is how:

Chronological Order 
  1. "Can't Get Enough" from Everlasting Bad Boys
  2. "Chains & Flames" from Dragon Actually
  3. "Dragon On Top" from Supernatural
  4. Dragon Actually
  5. About a Dragon
  6. What a Dragon Should Know
  7. Last Dragon Standing
  8. The Dragon Who Loved Me
Dragon Actually is my favorite in the series. The female warrior Annwyl the Bloody and her dragoFearghus the Destroyer,are two of the most stubborn characters ever. Annwyl is strong. She is a warrior queen. Xena would quake in fear when Annwyl walked in the room. What makes her interesting is she also has a vulnerability. She feels the pressure of her position, the war she is fighting, and the feelings for Fearghus. Speaking of the big scaly guy, the man is fascinated by the tiny warrior woman. Fascination turns to passion. They have a role in most of the books. They always make me smile when I read about them. G.A. Aiken also writes under the name Shelly Laurenston

Series Rating

2.  Dragon Lords is a by Michelle M. Pillow

  1. The Barbarian Prince
  2. The Perfect Prince
  3. The Dark Prince
  4. The Warrior Prince
  5. His Highness the Duke
  6. The Stubborn Lord
  7. The Reluctant Lord
  8. The Impatient Lord

When you are done with the dragons, give the cats a try and read the Lords of the Var.

Series Rating

3. Master of Dragons  is the fifth book in the Mageverse series by Angela Knight 

Publisher Description

The last time fairy princess Nineva Morrow engaged in magic, evil forces rendered her an orphan-isolated and incapable of trusting in anyone's survival. But after years of hiding on Earth, she'll use her powers once more-and attract more knights than she can handle.

I wanted to read about the man on the cover the first time Knight introduced him. Book five finally gives him his due. The series is good, consists of 10 books. I also like book 2, Master of the Moon, and book 3, Master of Wolves. The dragon comes out on top if I have to give my ultimate favorite. 

Forbidden Fruit Rating

4Never Again is the first book in the Wizards of Nevermore series by Michele Bardsley

Publisher Description

Lucinda Rackmore never would have been caught dead in a town like Nevermore. Of course, that was before the "great reckoning" drained the family finances and her former lover, ruthless master wizard Bernard Franco, snuffed out Lucy's magical abilities. But can Lucy really expect protection from the Guardian of Nevermore, her ex-brother-in-law, Gray Calhoun? Gray wants nothing to do with her—and Lucy can't blame him. Not after her sister sacrificed him to a demon lord. Still, with everyone in town looking to settle a score with the Rackmores and Bernard bent on dragging Lucy back into his clutches, Gray might be her only hope for survival

A strong start to a new series. I enjoyed this book so much. I am disappointed that I did not like the second one as much. Lack of dragons, maybe? 

Forbidden Fruit Rating

5. Shadow of the Vampire and Dragon Warrior are by Megan Hatfield 


In Shadow of the Vampire, she is a vampire princess, he is a dragon. Mortal enemies. Alexia is ordered to kill the captive Declan, but she cannot bring herself to do it. When the time comes, will Declan spare her the same?

Dragon Warrior. A empathic healer and a warrior, both dragons, work side by side and fall in love. He wants to protect her, the delicate Sparrow. She wants him to see her as a woman. It gets hot. 

Series Rating

6.  Ride the Stars and Once Bitten, the Drac Duology, is by Autumn Dawn

Sci fi erotica with a plot. The Draconions are aliens with a vampire/dragon vibe. Yep, space vampire dragons. Who can resist that sort of mash up? 

Series Rating

Monday, July 29, 2013

Quote-Tastic Monday 2

Join us every Monday and share a favorite quote that's grabbed ya for one reason or another - Herding Cats & Burning Soup

When you are looking for a quote to share, you will find that some authors have one or two great lines and some authors specialize in them. I am looking on goodreads.com to narrow down one such talented author to just one quote. Jeaniene Frost has mad skills. Trying to pick just one quote is so hard. Each book has more than its fair share of gems. If you look over the whole series and spin off series' you would find a gazillion worthy of remembrance

There's the time Bones threatens someone over asking if vampires sparkle. Vlad's unwillingness to discuss his  embarrassing issue with premature inflammation. When Menchere's talks street to sound more modern for Cat. I swoon every time Bones calls Cat "kitten", but that might be because Hades has called me that for years so I am partial. Bones has such a way with words. He comes up with the most colorful curses. Who says "Lucifer's bouncing balls!" and expects to be taken seriously? Bones does. 

Cat is pretty awesome herself. When she threatened to knock the slut out of the uppity English tramp I choked on my coffee. She comments that she will tell her mother she is dating a vampire upon the second coming of Christ and not a moment before. <------ I might have worried the minions with my cackling laughter. 

But I have to pick a favorite, even though I kind of cheated a smidge this post by alluding to other faves. I don't think Herding Cats & Burning Soup will mind too much. My favorite quote is when Bones assures Cat that their love is eternal. She worries what would happen if he died. They both have many enemies. 

"If I die, I will wait for you, do you understand? No matter how long. I will watch from beyond to make sure you live every year you have left to its fullest, and then we'll have so much to talk about when I see you again..." - Bones 

If you don't know Cat and Bones, you should. You can start your journey with the first book, HALFWAY TO THE GRAVEJeaniene Frost's vamps are fantastic, funny, and hot. You know what they say, 
"Once you go dead, no ones better in bed." - Bones

Jeaniene is also on 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lusting for Covers - Sexy Sunday Fun 1

Lusting for Covers is a weekly meme, held on Sunday, that allows bloggers to share their

current cover obsession with fellow book lovers.This meme is hosted by TBQ @ TBQ's 

Goodreads description

Loving him couldn’t be worse than losing him. Could it?

Candace Andrews has had enough of pleasing others. In an act of birthday rebellion, she sets out to please herself—by walking into the tattoo parlor owned by her cousin’s ex-boyfriend. All she wants is a little ink, and Brian’s just the guy to give it to her. As soon as she submits to his masterful hands, though, the forbidden attraction she’s always felt for him resurfaces…and she realizes the devilishly sexy artist could give her so much more. Sweet, innocent Candace is the last person Brian expected to see again. She’s everything he’s not, and her family despises him. He doesn’t need the hassle, but he needs her, and this time no one is taking her away. Not even those who threaten to make his life a living hell. Backed into a corner, Candace faces the worst kind of choice. Cave in to those who think Brian is a living nightmare…or hold her ground and risk it all for the one man who rocks her world.

Warning: This book contains explicit sex, naughty language, tattoos aplenty, family drama, a hot rock concert…and a bad boy hero who’s pierced in all the right places.

Am I the only one who sees Ian Somerhalder's twin on the cover? I love this cover because it is steamy hot. The hero only has eyes for his girl. His fingertips are are ever so slightly pressing in to her side like he doesn't want to let her go. The passion simmering between them, those scant few inches from his lips to hers, oh I want to be here. Lucky wench. 

You can read a mini review I wrote of Rock Me HERE in my Big List of Incredible Ink post. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Can you be honest without being rude?

Reviewers, do your thing how you want to do it. I have been seeing an increasing number of posts where the author and the reviewer are arguing over a low rating or a review. Some of them are completely ego on one side or the other. "How dare you give me a low rating/bad review." and "How dare you questions my review/rating of your book." Then there are the ones where it gets rude fast and becomes a flame war. Others join in and an internet army rises to do battle. This got me thinking about my reviews and if I have written anything that could legitimately get me into trouble. Answer: probably.

On my Facebook page I asked if you can be honest without being rude? If I say I thought a book was really bad, is it rude or honest? Some reviewers think you should worry about an honest review not being polite. Can you accomplish both? Where is the line in the sand between honest and rude? I wanted to get feedback from readers on what they thought. 
"If you are going to write you need to be open to criticism and understand your work is not going to be perfect. I think as long as you give your opinion in a professional manner it is honesty and not rudeness." - Lexi
A review is literary criticism. The definition of literary criticism is the act or art of analyzing and evaluating or judging the quality of a literary work. Reviews are important to a book, so Lexi hits the nail on the head when she says you have to be open to criticism. What does it mean to be professional? It's all in the delivery. I can say, "The spelling and grammar is poor." or I can say "This author could not spell her way out of a paper sack let alone know how to write a proper sentence." The second sentence may be how I feel so I can be honest but it is also insulting. I can save those feelings for more personal settings like when a friends asks me what I thought over a round of margaritas. Be honest but play nice.
"You have to be honest but then there is are lines between blunt, rude and tactful. I've written some reviews on amazon that people do not like at all because I was blunt and to the point. It can also depend on the mood the person who is reading the review is in. Because if you are in a pi**y mood then you are going to read things that could be tactful or honest the wrong way and it seems too rude to that individual but to others it is fine." - Marea
 I think professionalism and tactful are interchangeable. If I am being tactful, I won't be rude or insulting. I am giving my review without the, erm...colorful additions. Mood is a huge factor. I am so glad Marea mentioned it. I do not write a review if I am in a mood that might color my review.On the same token, you can't read a review in a mood. Social media and reading text instead of engaging in verbal dialogue takes away indicators that signal how the speaker feels. We have to guess. That can be a disaster.
"Not everyone has the same tastes, what one person hates, another person loves and vice versa." - Julie
I have said many times that my reviews = my opinion. Great Expectations is considered to be a classic. I 
cannot stand it. Hate. Every. Page. Picasso is a famous artist, I think my kids have done better art work. Books do not come in one size fits all. If you expect to get all positive reviews and have everyone who reads your books love it, don't show it to anyone. Then you will have succeeded. Finally, we come to my favorite comment. It encompasses all that I wanted to say in this post.
"Every reader comes to the story with a different perspective, different expectations, different taste No author has ever had 100% positive feedback. As a reviewer, you should be professional. But I don't think that means you have to sugar coat your viewpoint. If I wrote something and you said 'it just didn't do it for me', I could accept that. If you said you felt the hero was weak or the heroine was whiny, I could deal with that." - Pamela 
Reviewing is fun. I love it. For the author, it is more than fun because it has a say in their book sales. That is a serious responsibility and I should take it as such. When I write my reviews I can get all my feelings out and not let it deteriorate into a slopping mess of author annihilation. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lost and Found series by J.M. Madden & Wounded Warrior Ramble.

A little background before I get into what I really want to talk about. Author J.M. Madden has three books out currently in her Lost and Found series. The books are about a group of military veterens with various handicaps that work for a security company. The company is founded by three men, whom you meet in the prequel, The Embattled Road. Sure, you can skip this book and understand the series but I really advise against it. The prequel showed you the struggle of the LNF founders as they began the road to recovery from injury. This insight makes the rest of the series better, in my opinion.

Book 1, Embattled Hearts, is John and Shannon's story. John is in a wheelchair from an incomplete spinal cord injury.

Book 2, Embattled Minds, is Zeke and Ember. Zeke has major scarring to his face and a brain injury that causes a stutter.

PTSD is a common problem they all deal with. My favorite character has not gotten his book yet but I am eager to see the women who shows him loosing a leg didn't mean he lost anything else.

I am not doing a full review but I have included links to the books for you to check out and scoring the series.

Forbidden Fruit Rating

Now that I whizzed through the review, what could I possibly planning to say? I. Love. J.M. Madden.
This series speaks to me. Sure, we read the books with the super hot guy and blah blah blah. It's romance, no one wants to read about the slob who forgot to shower. Are the heroes in the LNF series good looking? Sure. John has great upper body strength, Zeke is scarred but still very fit, a disability doesn't make them unattractive. Madden portrays them realistically though. John's lower body is understandbly not in the same condition as his upper body. You cannot exercise limbs that don't move that well. Zeke' scars are pretty harsh. She doesn't say he is scarred and then describe him with a small little nothing injury. He is really beat up. That won't change. In romance novels, the measure of a man can get wrapped up in his looks and not so much on who he is.

Madden sets the bar higher for her heroes.

The heroines are not left on the sidelines. She demands more of them as well. Ember gets mad at Zeke for having surgery because it will change he face she fell in love with. The horribly scarred face. He would still be scarred so why go through it when she loves that face. She loves that face because it belongs to that man. Both Shannon and Ember scold the men for even hinting that they might pity them. What's to pity? A soldier who fought for his country and was wounded. That is a strong man. We don't pity strong men.

Now to discuss the difference between empathy and pity. The heroines do not pity the heroes but they have empathy for them. The dictionary lists pity as: 
1. sympathetic sorrow for one suffering, distressed, or unhappy. 
2. something to be regretted. 
The person being pitied sees definition number two, not number one. That is why I am not using the word pity. It has a bad connotation that it does not deserve. 

What's empathy, then?
Empathy: the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner. 

Break that down. To understand, be aware of and sensitive to another's feelings of experiences. It is a fine line. Pity makes you want to help the man in the wheelchair get onto the bed. Empathy makes you question if he wants your help. Pity, we do because we feel bad and want to make something right. Empathy, we wonder if in the same situation how would we want others to treat us.There is nothing wrong with pity, the person feeling pity is not wrong to feel it. Just like the person being pitied is not wrong to want to be treated like they are not somehow in need of your help. No one said any of it made sense. 

My mother is handicap. She's the strongest person I know. 
There is a veteran at the gym I go to who is a double amputee. He can do things in the weight room that put the biggest muscle heads to shame. 

What's the point to this loooong ramble? The measure of a man is who he is inside. An Adonis can become hideous once you get to know him. Quasimodo can become beautiful for the same reason. Loyalty, friendship, kindness, selflessness, strength. These qualities are attractive. 

Madden writes strong heroes. Her wounded warriors are smoking hot.  

Wounded Warrior Project. Dedicated to giving back to those who have already given. 

"That's what he said" Thursday 1

Wallbanger by Alice Clayton.

Goodreads Decription

Caroline Reynolds has a fantastic new apartment in San Francisco, a KitchenAid mixer, and no O (and we’re not talking Oprah here, folks). She has a flourishing design career, an office overlooking the bay, a killer zucchini bread recipe, and no O. She has Clive (the best cat ever), great friends, a great rack, and no O. Adding insult to O-less, since her move, she has an oversexed neighbor with the loudest late-night wallbanging she’s ever heard. Each moan, spank, and–was that a meow?–punctuates the fact that not only is she losing sleep, she still has, yep, you guessed it, no O. Enter Simon Parker. (No, really, Simon, please enter.) When the wallbanging threatens to literally bounce her out of bed, Caroline, clad in sexual frustration and a pink baby-doll nightie, confronts her heard-but-never-seen neighbor. Their late-night hallway encounter has, well, mixed results. Ahem. With walls this thin, the tension’s gonna be thick…

Forbidden Fruit Rating

That's what he said. 

The beautiful Rose and Julie make up the daring duo over at Chapter Break. This is their weekly thing, I think it's neat. So here I am. 

The quote I picked is from a scene near the end of the book. It is sweet and tender. We see how much Caroline means to Simon.
"You really have no idea, do you?"...
"No idea about what?"...
"How thoroughly you own me, Nightie Girl," he said, leaning in to whisper this part in my ear. "And I know I love you enough to want you to have your happy ending." 

*Swoon.  Simon is hot, loyal, skilled *ahem, and secretly looking for his own HEA. He just doesn't know it yet. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Challenge by Susan Kearney

Publisher Description

Domination. Desire. Destiny. He rules a future in which women are helpless, obedient, and always willing. She comes from a past in which a woman’s strength, brains, and courage are unquestioned. The challenge between them is timeless. Secret Service agent Tessa Camen took a bullet meant for the president. She regains consciousness three hundred years in the future on a spaceship, naked in the arms of Kahn, a fierce warlord from the planet Rystan. He’s been expecting her. Tessa was whisked forward in time because her fighting abilities include a psychic talent like none other. Only she can defeat an enemy who threatens Earth. The fate of her home hangs in the balance. Once again, she’s called on to serve and protect her nation. In Kahn’s world, women are meant to be ruled but also protected.  He can seduce Tessa, but can he own her heart and mind?  Can he put aside his beliefs about women to help her train for a brutal intergalactic test, The Challenge?  If she loses, so does Earth.  Tessa and Kahn are caught in a war of wills set in a future where survival is a skill, power is an aphrodisiac, and love is a challenge that could destroy everything they cherish. 


The first book in the Rystani Warriors series. I read this book for the first time back in 2007. I have read all the Rystani Warrior books in the series. There are four. My favorite is book 2, The Dare. Rystani are warriors. Alpha male, driven, and hot. Kahn is the hero, and yes I had a hard time not doing my best Captain Kirk imitation. 

Khan meets Tessa, telling her she has to undergo a fierce challenge. Khan's people don't really dig the women as warriors scene. As a former secret service agent, Tessa is not the damsel in distress. She has training but she will need more for the task at hand. Khan is the one who can train her, if he can get over his need to protect her. Talk about your sexual tension. Susan Kearney ratchets up the steam. The story is futuristic, which I enjoyed. I like watching characters learn about each other and in stories with the culture clash, they have gobs to learn. Not my favorite of the series, I was not as entertained as I wanted to be through the whole tale. Khan is irritating with his cave man, chest beating over Tessa.  

Forbidden Fruit Rating

Author Links

Spinning Gold by Vivi Andrews

Publisher Description

No princes need apply.Juliana Ravel will do anything to save her innocent brother from the executioner, but what the supposedly charming prince demands is impossible. Spinning straw into gold? He might as well ask her to fly. Her only hope is a family heirloom - a gold medallion rumored to be the magic prison of one of the fabled golden fae. Trapped inside the medallion for hundreds of years, Rue isn't fool enough to trust Juliana, but he can’t help but be tempted by the feisty beauty. Even though she is the spitting image of the witch who betrayed and imprisoned him, Rue agrees to help her. For a price. Entranced by the exotic, golden-skinned man, Juliana agrees to his terms, believing her worries are at an end. But when the tyrannical prince finds her surrounded by riches, he isn’t about to let her walk away – instead holding her prisoner within the corrupt court. Juliana’s only freedom is her nights with Rue, where their negotiations turn to seduction, and together they construct a desperate plot to escape a life where they must keep spinning gold… or die.
The story I read as a child.


Not your childhood telling of Rumplestiltskin. The version I read as a child, Rumple was not a charming or handsome man. He was scary and odd. Juliana Ravel has much better luck. In this telling, our heroine is not trying to save her drunken, braggart father. Juliana is on a mission to save her brother from execution. He has been convicted of treason against the crown. *Gasp! I am not really sure why she said she could spin straw into gold. She needed to stall, but what she was hoping to happen I just do not know.

Side stepping that small issue, Juliana does find herself locked in a tower with mountains of straw. The necklace Juliana wears, a family heirloom, conjures up Rue. Another coincidence that lines up perfectly, thank goodness for the heroine. Rue, or Rumplestiltskin, was cast into the necklace by Juliana's ancestor. He isn't happy to be face to face with a Ravel again. Good news is, he can spin that straw into gold. Over the next two meeting they fall in love.

Once Upon a Time
As I am reviewing the book, I am coming up with some plot holes. Nothing major. They are a little bothersome because plot holes tend to bounce around inside my brain. I am familiar with this author. I like her work and will continue to read it. The first book in her Serengeti Shifters series is terrific. While this is not Ms. Andrews best work, it was entertaining. 

Forbidden Fruit Rating

Author Links

Love, Technically by Lynne Silver

Publisher Description

Billionaire CEO and computer whiz Noah Frellish is a king among geeks. Women are attracted to his money, but he'd love to meet someone who's actually interested in him. When he helps the sweet and sexy Michelle Kolson with a printing problem, she confuses him for a help desk technician. Noah knows he should clear up this case of mistaken identity, but would she still like him if she knew he was the boss? Michelle thinks life in Chicago is perfect, as is the whirlwind romance with her smoking-hot coworker. When she unexpectedly finds her job on the chopping block and the man she fell headfirst into bed with running the company, will she abandon her dreams? Noah must convince the small-town girl to stay in the big city—and that he really is the man she fell for.


Where my nerds at? Got a thing for computer savvy, anime reading, smarty pants, gamer guys? Look no further, ladies. You want to read Love, Technically. Noah Frellish, aka Sark, is a nerdy billionaire. Instead of business suits he wears shirts he bought of Think Geek.com (great site, btw). He is relatively new to being a rich guy. He only recently learned the hard lesson about people only being interested in you for what you can buy them. Michelle does not recognize him as the owner of the company she just started working for. All she knows is he saved her bacon from getting fried by her fire breathing boss. He's just Sark, the funny computer nerd who works on the fourth floor. Noah doesn't meant to lie to her. At first, he didn't realize she was oblivious to who he is. Then he was too afraid to find out she might be like all the other gold diggers. 

Sark's "There's no place like home" shirt. 
He is a good guy, so even though he knows it might be the end of the road, he tries to clear up the misunderstanding. Of course, she misunderstands this and it is weeks before she puts it all together. Dang you pride, thou dost get in the way.  I wanted Michelle to laugh at how funny the situation was but it all kind of came out at a really bad time. Hard to see the levity when you are fighting back tears.Michelle's co worker, whom she was vying for a position in the company, is truly a someone I want to smack with a brick. On that note, let's take a minute to "thank" all those women out there that are 100% out for themselves. Here's to you, backstabber. Michelle handled that whole situation like a champ. Made me proud. 

During the fall out of operation Michelle's evil co worker, the relationship implodes. Sad, but gives both Michelle and Sark (Noah, whatever) time to examine what they want and what they only think they want. 

I have a soft spot for nerds. I married one. I tried to find a picture of a hot nerd, other than the ones I know, but the Internet equates hot guy + nerd = random guy wearing glasses :0/ 

Boo on you internets. Guess I will just have to end this with the words of Beca from the movie Pitch Perfect. 

"Love you, awesome nerds."

Forbidden Fruit Rating

Author Links

Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 14 & 15 - 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge

Day 14 - Tell us your deal breakers.

A deal break is anything in a story that makes you slam on the breaks. You stop reading immediately. Absolutely no way you will read it. What are my deal breakers. I like to think I am pretty lax. My only stipulation for a book is that I am entertained. Doesn't have to be great, but diverting from boredom. We all have at least one if not a few deal breaks though. Mine are listed below.

  1. Infidelity. Nope. Noooooope. I don't do cheating. I saw a quote attributed to Johnny Depp, whose to say if he said it or Mork from Ork. It's the internet. The quote was that if you find yourself in love with two people, then you never loved the first person at all. If you did, you wouldn't have fallen for the second. I cannot read it. It make my heart ache too much. It also makes me want to punch the cheater. 
  2. Rape by the hero. Talk about things that make you say "Gahhh-WHAAT?!" I don't even know how this gets in to a book. I admit I read one story that this worked. It makes me want to vomit a little that I can say that but it was a very unique situation. Still wrong. Only reason I continued was because I am head over heels for the author. 
  3. Aplh-holes. He is such a horrid person we, the readers, do not understand how anyone could possibly find him attractive. The heroine just loves him though. As a matter of fact, women probably flock to him. He is not redeemable. 
  4. The too much women. I do not like to read about women that can't be a partner. A women who is too weak to make the simplest decisions, I don't want to read it. A women who is too in control to let someone become a part of their life, I don't want to read it. I want to read men and women who form a loving partnership that benefits both. 
  5. TSTL aka Too Stupid To Live. He or she just cannot stop wrecking everything. Looks like we are on the road to happiness? Guess I should find a way to royally trash all hope of a HEA. Yep, sounds good. No! Stop messing with my happy story. 

Do us all a favor. 

Day 15 - Tell us your book blogging mentors.

Chances are, if I am following the blog, it is because I admire and enjoy them. I don't follow any that do not appeal to me. I like to include their blog buttons if they have one, or just add them to the Blogs I Follow section of the blog. I did pick out two blogs that I really pay attention to. 

Parajunkee She provides tutorials as well as does blog design. I have learned so much from her blog. 

Herding Cat's and Burning Soup - Besides being a great blogger, she is excellent at the social aspect. I follow her on facebook. She is a great example of reaching out to readers on other platforms. 

Quote-Tastic Mondays 1

This is my first Quote-Tastic Monday! I think in honor of this being my first, I will share my favorite (so far) sigh worthy quote.

"One day you will kiss a man you can't breathe without, and find that breath is of little consequence." - Karen Marie Moning, Bloodfever

*swoons. What a perfect way to sum up what makes true love and finding the one so special.  

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Damaged and the Beast by Bijou Hunter

Publisher Description

Heir to the local motorcycle club and crime syndicate, Cooper Johansson is accustomed to taking what he wants. His newest conquest is college freshman Farah Smith. When the tattooed bad boy reminds her of a rough childhood she desperately wishes to forget, Farah keeps him at arm's length. Yet, Cooper refuses to give up. He pushes her buttons, tears through her walls, and forces her to admit her feelings for him. What begins as lust soon builds into something more powerful than either expects. Can the beast heal the damage inside the girl of his dreams?

***Warning: This novel contains scenes of a sexual nature, violent themes, and coarse language. It is intended for mature readers.

How I saw Cooper in my head. 

First off, wow. If you decide to read this book, stick with it to the end. Yes, in the beginning there are a few small places you might think the book is going to go off the rails but don't leave! It is all part of the plan to paint the true picture of our damaged beauty. Boy is she ever damaged.  Cooper wants Farah. Farah wants Cooper but more than that she wants safe and average. Cooper is not average but he could keep you safe. Who messes with the prince of the local motorcycle club? No one that wants to live, that's for sure.

Farah is reluctant to have sex. She has serious trauma there. Cooper is patient but thinks she is just weird about sex. He has no idea the severity of Farah's issues. I wanted him to catch on quick. Men take anything with sex to be a direct reflection of themselves. If you love it they are the cock of the walk. (reference to roosters, watch your dirty mind!). If the sex goes bad, something is wrong with them. Wait, nothing can be wrong with them so it must be you. Cue the insecurity fight. 

Eventually Cooper catches on that Farah has suffered a sexual assault.  a freaking sexual nightmare. Not once or twice but a weeks worth at the hands of who know how many men. Even better, bikers. What is Cooper again? A biker. Yeah, Farah is allowed her hang ups, buddy. It was painful because I wanted to hug Farah and tell her she was special.  Victims of sexual crimes often feel shame. They think they did something wrong, they feel dirty, they do not want to talk about. They just want to forget it but it colors every part of their lives. 

Farah thinks all these things about herself. Instead of seeing herself as strong because she survived and made a better life, she feels shame. Once Cooper gets what is happening he can proceed like an intelligent human being once more. I knew he had it in him. The author, Bijou Hunter, did a terrific job with Farah's character. I can see people might be annoyed by her but she was a fairly accurate picture of a rape survivor. You spend the book in her head. If you cannot accept that, then you shouldn't read it. I promise you that it is worth the time, though. 

Forbidden Fruit Rating

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Bijou Hunter