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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Outcast Prince by Shona Husk

Publisher Description

Caspian Mort can feel the history in anything he touches, a gift he inherited from his father, the Crown Prince of Annwyn. Devastated over his ex-wife's infidelity, Caspian has withdrawn from human contact except when working as an antiques dealer. While assessing the contents of the historic Callaway House he encounters the beautiful Lydia Callaway and senses that her home is haunted by a banished fairy. But what does the dangerous exile want? Unbeknownst to Lydia, she's the owner of the last remaining portal to Annwyn—a mirror hidden somewhere in the house. To keep Lydia safe, Caspian will have to divulge the secrets of his heritage, and risk losing his heart again.

What I liked

Lydia and Caspian got the short end of the family stick. She is a famous (and slightly notorious) Callaway, and he is the changeling son of the Prince of Annwyn. Both situations come with a whole slew of trouble. Caspian is psychometric, meaning he gets impressions of an objects history when he touches them. Taking a job as a antiques appraiser is a good use of this skill. Not a skill I envy him for, that is for sure. Can you imagine everything you touch bombarding you with images and feelings that are not your own? Caspian and Lydia become each others safe harbor, a place to heal. I like what they represent to one another. It is more than just lust and passion. There is a sweetness to their love. 

What I did not like

I get frustrated with fairies. They do what they want and no one make them pay the piper for the crap storm they inflict on others. The fairies in Outcast Prince were better behaved than most I have read, that is a consolation. 

Forbidden Fruit Rating

I really wanted to read more about the Hunter of Annwyn and the Prince. I looked Shona Husk up on goodreads and she has two more Court of Annwyn books listed as works in progress. The titles sounds like I am going to get my wish. Yippee! 

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