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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Officer and the Secret by Jeanette Murray

Publisher Description

After a rougher than expected deployment, Captain Dwayne Robertson craves the sense of normalcy that his friends can bring him. But when he returns home, there's an unexpected, but pleasant, twist in the mix—Veronica Gibson. As he struggles to adjust to daily life again, Dwayne craves Veronica and the peace she brings him. But Veronica isn't without faults. Dwayne hates lies, and Veronica's entire past is a well-guarded mystery. When the completely unexpected happens, they both realize it's time to lay their cards on the table and hope they're ready for love.

What I liked 

Dwayne hates lies. Veronica has a few things she would like to keep to herself. Can't say I blame her. Is it a lie if you keep embarrassing information to yourself? I say no. Jeanette totally got one over on me. I just knew I had a plot piece figured out. Then she threw me a curve ball and I thought, "Hmm, guess I was wrong." I wasn't! Crafty Jeanette, very crafty. I mentioned this to her at a recent play date between her tot and my 2 older spawn. This was her reaction:

What I did not like

Freaking misunderstandings getting in the way of my HEA!

Yes there is a HEA. I just wanted to seriously strangle a certain man towards the end. Jeanette, Dwayne can be a real dumb head. <-------------- I told her this. She shrugged and said, "He's a boy." *Huffs. He is lucky his issues were not long lasting. I might have had to throw the book at Jeanette. Benefit of knowing the author. 

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