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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Outlaw by Nicole James

Publisher Description

When outlaw biker, Cole Austin sees a young woman handcuffed and being 
dragged across the yard of the Dead Souls Motorcycle Club's remote clubhouse, he's stunned by the realization of just how dark his world has become. This scene is even more than his twisted soul can stomach. Compelled to intercede and save her, he has no idea his whole world is about to change. He believes he's doing the right thing until a secret she's hiding makes him question if saving her may be the biggest mistake of his life. The two strike a deal, a deal they may both come to regret. Can his soul be saved? Is there anything he won't do for her? Are there some things he just can't? And are there some things she can never forgive?

What I liked

*Squeal! Bikers. Mmmm-mmm. Cole Austin is one hot biker. He is an anti-hero, like so many of his biker brethren. Cole is hard core with a heart of gold. Angel is very strong. Given the circumstances, I would have not been surprised if she had totally lost her composure. Dang if she didn't keep getting up every time she got knocked down. I admire that. 

What I did not like

Feeling so helpless. I wanted them to be happy and not have to deal with any more crap. You knew things were going to explode, they had to. There was nothing that could be done to prevent it. If they had not exploded, would things have ended up with a HEA? Don't we need to see the bottom of the barrel from time to time to remind us what is precious?

To lighten the mood. 

Forbidden Fruit Rating

This is my first Nicole James title. I liked it. I had fun reading it. Definitely more emotional than some reads. The subject matter is heavy. Cole and Angel are put through the ringer. I got attached to them quickly. Nicole James played my heart strings like a fiddle. I do hope the writes more Dead Souls MC books. 

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