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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Where's the love?

My FIRST Mandy M. Roth book. Loved it. She rocks. 

Do you hide your book covers when you read romance? If someone asks you what you are reading, are you honest? Certainly, there is discrimination against other genres. Science fiction and fantasy lovers do not have it easy either. I think that romance fans have it the hardest. If you didn't see the fifty shades of backlash this past year, I wonder what rock you hid under. "Mommy Porn" was a term I heard everywhere. Why all the hate for love stories? I think it is the sex. What is wrong with sex between consenting adults? Nothing, unless it is in a book. Today, author Mandy M, Roth, posted on her Facebook page about a conversation in which she was basically told that romance (and ebooks for that matter, but whole different story) are not real books.
"Ha, just got the "I read REAL books" comment from someone. Apparently 1. romance is not real and 2. ebooks don't exist. They're like mythical unicorns or something. Best part is as this person said it they looked so pleased with themselves as if they were the first person in the history of ever to come up with that "dig". Uh, I was told that 9.5 years ago... you know, when ebooks were actually new-ish to the market. I really hope they decide to tell me that what I write is "mommy porn" because I haven't heard that one before either." - Mandy M. Roth
Congratulations to us, dear readers! We are so fantastic that we possess the awesome power of reading imaginary books.

I was told once that romance novels were filth and akin to cheating on my husband. Um, oh-kay. I do not agree. Hades has benefited from my choice of reading material. He has no complaints. 

When Hades sees I am reading and knows what is coming his way.

Tell me what you think. Have a good story, like Mandy's? I want to hear it. Share time!

A book in the hand is worth two on the shelf.


  1. LOVE MS MANDY ROTH! I am a strange creature... I love Romance and Erotica. I am Christian, but more like a Gandhi type Christian. People don't know what to think about me. I don't hide my love for Romance because I don't give a flying f*ck what anyone thinks. I have read and enjoyed the classics and now I enjoy my books of love. As a single woman ...they give me hope! YES MANDY, I want to meet a Mantovian alien in real life. Xoxo


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