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Thursday, May 9, 2013

True by Erin McCarthy

Rory is a virgin. She was raised by her academic minded father after her mother died and is very studious herself. She didn't plan to be a virgin so long, it just happened. When her roommates find out, they pay Tyler to sleep with her. Rory does not know this at first, but catches on soon enough. Tyler find Rory to be a breathe of fresh air. She is funny, honest, and unlike any girl he has ever met. He doesn't need money to spend time with Rory. He isn't going to turn down a chance to be with her now that her best friends are endorsing him. Once Rory learns it is all a business arrangement, she doesn't see the point in continuing. Tyler isn't about to let her go, he knows he should but he can't. Will Tyler convince Rory to give him a real shot a wooing her? Can Rory handle the real Tyler and all that comes with him?

What I liked

The title, True, could not be more appropriate. Erin McCarthy delivers a story that is very believable, in my opinion. McCarthy painted a picture of human flaws, hardships, brutal honesty, and enduring love. Tyler and his brothers broke my heart. Tyler and his older brother are trying to make something of their own lives while juggling the care of their two younger brothers. The two younger brothers live in a hell created by their addict mother. Seeing Tyler with his brothers, if I was Rory, would cement his place in my heart forever.

The sexy times in the book are not graphic. There are some details but it is mostly fade to black. I would say this book is acceptable for YA and new adult. This will appeal to those who do not like their sex scenes raunchy. Less appealing to those that like it so detailed they can smell the sweat in the air. Personally, I am okay with either. It depends on my mood. Variety is the spice of life. It can't be all whips and chains all the time, ya know?

What I did not like

There is an attempted rape scene pretty early on. No one put the smack down on this guy the way he deserved. I wanted Rory to go Xena: Warrior Princess of him or Naevia from Spartacus. I have no patience or sympathy for rapists. I can see this guy going on to succeed the next time he attacks a woman.


I was totally miffed about Tyler getting a bum rap with the police. His mother completely screwed him over. Rory's dad, though justified in his parental worry, irritated me by pushing the issue with Rory. I did want to know what Tyler would end up doing after his mother killed his dreams. Again, that whole situation just ripped me apart.

Forbidden Fruit Rating 4/5


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