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Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Mating by Nicky Charles

As I was perusing facebook I saw Fiction Vixen has posted about a freebie called The Mating. It is the first book in the Law of the Lycans series.

Plot summary

Elise is the daughter of a pack Alpha. When a neighboring pack elects a new Alpha of their own, Elise is used as a pawn to strengthen pack alliances. Mated to a stranger, Elise has a new husband and a new pack to learn. Elise hope to fall in love with the man she would mate. Will Elise be able to live that dream with Kane?

*****Review contains mild, non specific spoilers.****** 

What I liked

Kane and Elise try to make a go of it from the start. The H/h in a forced/arranged marriage romance story line don't do this a lot, in my experience. It was refreshing to see two people decide "Well, nothing we can do about it now. Might as well get along instead of making each other miserable." THANK YOU Ms. Charles!!! Elise had plans of her own for who she wanted to mate. Who knows what Kane was thinking before, but I doubt it was marriage to a stranger. I felt for Elise, being thrown into mating a man for the sake of her pack. When Kane is introduced I stopped being as sympathetic. If I was Elise, and saw that man as my groom, I would have been like:

Marry him? Rightey-o! Let's do this thing.

What I did not like

Kane is a king essentially as the Alpha. That makes Elise the queen. Kane scolds Elise about her treatment of a certain meddling pain in the ass telling her that her behavior will assert her as the Alpha female but won't win her any friends.
Oh no, he did not just say that. 

 Oh Kane, dear sweet Kane. Stay out of the affairs of the women. Elise has got this one, baby. First and foremost, Elise is the Alpha's mate. She is queen and among the women her word should be law. If the women come to you with petty complaints, send them back to the queen. Always. Back. Your. Queen. Hades knows these things to be law:
1. Queen Persephone is happy or nobody is happy.
2. Persephone will handle the women. Unless there is bloodshed and I am losing, stay out of it.

Redeeming quality, Kane was just trying to make life easier for his mate. He's adorable like that.


Nicky Charles does not sell her books. That is because they are free. She provides the links to go grab your copy for free. Why would a talented author give away her work? Is it because she has not been asked to sell it yet? Also, nope.

"At the present time writing is my hobby, my enjoyment.  I work on it when I want.  If I had someone breathing down my neck, asking when I would be done, demanding this or that, it wouldn't be fun anymore!"
If you want to pay her, write her a nice review or comment, and recommend the book to others.

Reading order

*I make no distinction between a writer that sells their work and a writer that gives it away. To me, they are all wonderful and I adore them. I am in awe of their talent. Do I enjoy not paying for a legally obtained book? Well, yeah. I am cheap like that. Give love to authors, all authors, great and small.*

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