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Monday, May 13, 2013

Skin by Kylie Scott

Plot Summary

Six months ago the world went to hell and now everyone is separated into two factions, Zombies and Survivors. Rosalyn Stewart is a survivor. Once, she was a librarian. Not much need for a librarian these days. Ros is holed up in the school with eight other people. They have run out of food. The time has come to leave the safety of the school to find more. Lucky for them, a stranger shows up with a van full of supplies. All he wants in return is Ros. 

Nick has been watching the group. He wants Ros. He will protect her, love her, give her everything she could ever need in return for companionship. Companionship and sex. With zombies everywhere, Nick thinks this is a good deal. Women can't expect poetry and roses anymore. Ros doesn't agree. If the commando thinks he can just buy her with snacks, he is stupid. Things don't go so well for the "newly weds" at first. She is determined to do him bodily harm in an attempt to flee. He is sure if he chains her ankle to the house she will come around eventually. 

Before long, Nick and Ros begin to understand each other. In the zombie apocalypse, you have to learn to adapt and make do with what you have. Nick and Ros should count themselves lucky to have each other. If they can realize that before the world goes up in flames, they just might find a happily ever after despite the walking dead. 

What I liked

Has there ever been another romance novel set in the midst of a zombie apocalypse? It is so brilliant and yet so simple, I wonder why it hasn't been done before. The thing about Skin is that the zombies are not prominently featured. The book is not about zombies, but people trying to scratch out a life after zombies. Nick is a total bad ass. I want Nick, Daryl Dixon, and Rambo on my team during a zombie outbreak. I thought his affection for Ros is adorable. Call me nuts but given the circumstances, his way of acquiring Ros could be looked at as romantic. He did have to gather all the supplies, and that means dealing with a lot of zombies. Zombies = possible death and dismemberment. He risked his life to have Ros. Not his fault her "pals" were douche bags. Nick is a sweetheart and I won't hear anything to the contrary.

What I did not like

Ros, bless her. I DO like Ros. I freaking love Ros. Doesn't mean she didn't test my patience. She did not see Nick the way I saw him. This brought out ire. Ros is strong and it is a little insulting to be bought. I let her behavior slide. She had a lot of stress with survivng and all that jazz.


There is a scene where she leaves Nick. She decides to come back, she can't leave Nick because she cares for him. Of course she forgot about the frigging zombies!!! Cue me yelling words you don't say in church. Nick has to come save Ros from a disaster of her own design, and the house burns down. Of course it does.

I looked something like this:

Forbidden Fruit Rating


Kylie Scott is on my must read list. I rarely give out 5/5 ratings but this was so fresh to me that I just couldn't resist. 

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