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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Scarlet Heat by Evangeline Anderson

Six years ago, Taylor was born to darkness, that means she was made a vampire. Taylor was turned against her will. Everything she should be able to do as a vampire, she is not any good at. She cannot feed right and she cannot glamour others. As a human, Taylor excelled in everything. As a vampire, she has gotten used to failure. Her mistress, Celeste, lived to inflict pain and abuse on Taylor. She was abused in every way; physically, sexually, and emotionally. Taylor has lived a hopeless existence. That is behind her. Her best friend Addison and vampire Corbin rescued her. To keep her out of the reach of those that wished to harm her, Corbin arranged for Taylor to marry lone wolf Victor. 

Victor owed Corbin a debt, and he called it in. Now he finds himself married to a "fanger". Wolves don't like vampires. They smell awful. So why does Taylor smell so great? Victor hates to admit it, but Taylor is beautiful and she seems nice. All he has to do is protect her, stay married for three months, and the blood bond between them can be severed. Shouldn't be too hard to avoid her. She never has to learn his secret. 

Strange things are happening. Stranger than a werewolf mated to a vampire. Victor's presence is having an odd effect on Taylor. She is changing. Changing in ways Victor doesn't want to ignore. They only have to get through their marriage of convenience for three months and they can be free of each other. If they let themselves, they might fall so far into one another they can never get free again.

What I liked

Given the traumas Taylor has endured, I was afraid she would be too broken to ever recover. I should have given my girl more credit. Taylor asserted herself very early on to Victor. She is done being hurt by others. Never again will she stand and take punishment from someone. I was prepared for Victor be very resistant to Taylor and rude to keep the distance. It did not go down like that and I couldn't be prouder of Victor. Gwendolyn's character is explored deeper. I found her to be bratty in Crimson Debt. By the end of Scarlet Heat, I liked Gwendolyn. She put herself in danger to help others more than once.

What I did not like

Call me bloodthirsty, but I thought the antagonists deserved way more comeuppance. They didn't get off light. Taylor suffered for six years. Six. Years. I wanted torture, terror, and pain. Oodles and oodles of it for the baddies!! Hades would have never let them off so easy. When our heroes cross that line, they cease being heroes so I forgive. *sigh. 

Rating 4/5

Closing Thoughts

What's up next with Evangeline Anderson? The next Kindred Bride book! Huzzah!! Eventually, we will get a Born in Darkness book with witch Gwendolyn and her devil of a man Laish (sp?)

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