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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Words to know

Every romance reader needs to know these key words and phrases. While some are purely for your information to understand the story, others were created to explain reoccurring phenomena. One such example of this phenomena is the angry penis. A word I very recently heard from my friend Kat, that made me laugh until I cried. The man wielding the angry penis is interested in angry sex. He may be punishing his lover for some wrong doing, seeking revenge, or just a prick.

I hope you enjoy the list. I hope that it is enlightening. I know I missed some. Please tell me if you know one that is not listed!

  • Alpha Male - Macho, Macho Man. Rambo is a good example. They are SEALS, Highland Warrior Lairds, Knights, Cops, Commandos, Bikers, etc.
  • AlphHole- "A critical term for an Alpha Male hero whose aggressive, forceful behaviour crosses the line from romantic to abusive. This can be a contentious issue in the romance community as one reader’s “protective” can be another reader’s “controlling.” Often the line comes down to personal taste" (Vail, 2012). 
  • Angry Penis - Sex as punishment.
  • ARC - Advanced Reading Copy. Copy released by the publisher to specific readers before the book is released for mass distribution. Often this is a copy to be reviewed, a gift, a contest prize, or marketing tool. 
  • B&D or B/D - Bondage and Discipline
  • BDSM - Bondage and Discipline Sadomasochism. Themes include dominance and submission, restraint, role playing, spanking, forced seduction, etc. Other fetishes and kink may be present such as toys. 
  • Beta Male - The more sensitive man. An example would be Hugh Grant in every movie he makes. 
  • Bodice Ripper - Usually a historical romance novel with passionate sex and sometimes violence. The classic, older titles are often lumped into this category. Some non readers believe that all romance novels are bodice rippers.
  • Bottom -  in reference to BDSM, B&D, B/D, S&M, D/s. The person in not control, receiving commands, or who receives the activity. 
  • Chick Lit - Stories that typically feature modern women and any variety of issues. They cover a range of emotions from humor, to heartfelt  to tear jerker. These books are not always classified as a romance because the main characters relationship with friends and family are just as important as the romantic relationship. There may not even be a romantic aspect to the story at all. 
  • DIK - Desert Isle Keeper. The books I want to be shipwreck with me on a deserted island. 
  • DNF - Did Not Finish, for whatever reason. 
  • Dominant - in reference to BDSM, B&D, B/D, S&M, D/s. The person in control, issuing commands, or who carries out the activity. 
  • D/s - Dominance and Submission.
  • Duke of Slut- "The hero in historical romances with an extensive, unorthodox, and publicly known sexual history who explores a vast swath of the female population while miraculously remaining impervious to sexually transmitted diseases" (Vail, 2012).
  • Erotica - Heavy on the sex, usually very hot sex. BDSM, fetish, and more kinky titles will be found in the Erotica sub genre. The plot might be thinner or outrageous. 
  • F/F - Sexual intercourse between two females. 
  • F/F/M - Sexual intercourse between two females and a male, in which the females will have sexual interaction with each other as well as the male. 
  • F/M/F - Sexual intercourse between two females and a male, in which the females will not have sexual interaction with each other.
  • F/M/M/M/M - One female and several men, at least more than two.
  • Gamma Males - "A newer hero term, reserved for heroes who are a mix of Beta and Alpha male types. The more common examples are the shy Beta who morphs into an aggressive, take-change Alpha when the heroine is threatened, or a highly-stressed Alpha who hides a softer, Beta side" (Vail, 2012).
  • Grinning like an idiot - When a book makes you grin so big while reading it, you look like an idiot. 
  • H/h - Hero and Heroine.
  • HEA - Happily Ever After.
  • Head Hopping - Changing the point of view, who is telling the story, repeatedly. 
  • Jumping the Shark - When a long running series goes right off the deep end and is no longer readable. 
  • Keeper - A book that you will not be selling, lending, or otherwise allowing others to see/touch/harm because you liked it so much. The best of these are your DIK's.
  • LOL - Laugh out loud. Laughing out loud at the book, duh. 
  • Mary Sue/Gary Stu - "A critical term reserved for badly-written protagonists who are too perfect—they are simply good at everything, everyone except the Bad Guys loves them, and they have no discernable character flaws. Mary Sues are generally disliked because, since they have no problems of their own, the conflicts they confront tend to be contrived. As well, with no flaws or quirks, many of them are simply not interesting" (Vail, 2012).
  • Menage -Sex between three people, any combination of gender applies. 
  • M/F - Sex between one man and one woman. 
  • M/M - Sex between two men. 
  • M/F/M - Sex between two men and one female where the men will not be engaging in sex with each 
  • other. 
  • M/M/F- Sex between two men and one female where the men will have sexual interaction with each other.
  • New Adult - Recently emerged sub genre than sometimes encompasses the older end of YA and the younger end of Adult fiction. College age and young 20 somethings. 
  • OTT - Over The Top. Jumping the shark, literary edition. 
  • POV - Point Of View. Who is telling the story. 
  • PNR - Paranormal Romance
  • Sci Fi - Science Fiction Romance
  • Sequel Baiting - "The superfluous presence or participation of secondary characters in series romances that is meant to advertise or generate interest in their upcoming novels rather than serve the story at hand" (Vail, 2012).
  • Sexy Times - When the H/H engage in any sexual interaction from foreplay to all the way. 
  • Spoilers - Tell valuable plot points that might spoil a persons enjoyment of the book. 
  • S&M - Sadism and Masochism.
  • Slut Shaming - Any time a female is punished for acting on her sexuality. For example, kissed a man and was forced to marry. Had sex and was cursed for being unpure. 
  • Smut - Used both affectionately and derogatory towards erotica and romance. 
  • Submissive -  in reference to BDSM, B&D, B/D, S&M, D/s. The person in not control, receiving commands, or who receives the activity.
  • Switch - in reference to BDSM, B&D, B/D, S&M, D/s. When the participants take turns being in control. 
  • TBB - To Be Bought
  • TBR - To Be Read
  • Tear Jerker - The ones that make you sob. 
  • Top - in reference to BDSM, B&D, B/D, S&M, D/s. The person in control, issuing commands, or who carries out the activity. 
  • Trashing - Reviewing a book with extreme distaste. 
  • TSTL - Too Stupid To Live. Characters typically found in a wallbanger. 
  • TT - Time Travel
  • Wallbanger - A book that is so infuriating you beat it against a wall because that is as close as you can get to strangling the characters and/or author. 
  • Wallpaper Historical - "A romance set in an historical time period that is either poorly, incorrectly, or only vaguely established. For instance, while skirts, corsets, balls, and King George may be mentioned, the protagonists of wallpaper historicals otherwise act the same as their contemporary counterparts, barring the occasional sword duel. These sorts of novels are deridingly called “wallpaper historicals” because the romantic historical setting is basically used to lend a “prettiness” to the story’s scenery without actually contributing to the story itself" (Vail, 2012).
  • WIP - Work In Progress 
  • Woobies - "A term that refers to Romantically Tortured characters, who, in romance fiction at least, are nearly always male. Woobies tend to have one or more of these attributes: a dead wife or child, a murdered partner, a pronounced but (usually) not disfiguring scar, or an unexplained death in their past. Written well, a Woobie overcoming tragedy to be with the heroine can be lovely. A poorly-written Woobie can come off as a sadsack, however, or an author’s attempt to pardon a character’s extensive bad behaviour with a tragic past" (Vail, 2012).
  • YA - Young Adult Books. Young teens to college age. 


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