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Friday, April 19, 2013

Mate Set and His Purrfect Mate Reviews by Laurann Dohner

The Mating Heat Series is written by Laurann Dohner and consists of two books, so far. The third book is a work in progress. The series works around the idea that male werewolves go into heat just like the females. For all I know, this is true among real wolves of the non were variety. I didn't go looking for any research on the subject. The premise works for the book and that was all I cared about.

Mate Set (Mating Heat Book 1)

Mika is a human in a werewolf town. She is visiting her Uncle Omar. Unfortunately, mating season is in full swing. The males are all in sexual overdrive. Mika is a little naive having been protected by her uncle in the past and almost falls victim to a group of horny werewolves in a back alley. She is rescued by Grady who calls in the favor immediately. Once Mika gets a taste of what Grady has to offer she wishes she could have more time with the man. 

Grady is a half breed and is hung up on not mating with a human. If he gives in the urge to have sex with Mika, he doubts he can stop himself from keeping her permanently. All it takes is one bite during sex and the deal is sealed. Grady decides to avoid her. Too bad Uncle Omar needs someone to watch over his niece. Grady becomes Mika's live in bodyguard. He is sure he can control himself. Mika is sure they are going to burn up the sheets. 

It is inevitable that Mika and Grady will end up in bed, but will they resist the urge to make their union forever?

His Purrfect Mate (Mating Heat Book 2)

Shannon is a shifter, but has so little in her blood that she is unable to shift into her puma form. She is mostly a human with a little extra flair in her DNA. Other shifters can smell the cat in her. A group of werewolves kidnap her, intent on hunting and killing Shannon. Anton rescues Shannon from the top of a tree. Shannon thinks Anton may be the best looking man to ever walk to planet. Shannon may be a cat, but Anton's wolf wants her.With the mating heat riding high in his blood, Anton claims Shannon with a bite to protect her.

 Anton is to be the pack alpha one day. He can't have a cat as his mate. Tell that to his heart. Shannon can't shake the feeling that Anton is the one either. She feels safe with him. So safe that any time she is in danger she climbs him like a tree. Shannon and Anton has many obstacles in their way. The pack doesn't approve. his family doesn't approve, a local puma pack wants Shannon for themselves, and they have to get over their own hidden insecurities.

With so many people in the way, can Shannon and Anton get it together?

What I like about this series

The heat! Goodness, they are hot. I laughed every time Anton was treed by Shannon. The hot factor was high but not at expense of the story. That can be hard to balance. Dohner paints a picture of two people that desperately want each other but  makes the connection realistic. I have read stories that feel like two people jumping in bed with no idea why other than something to do. It is hard to tell if the couple even likes each other very much in those. You expect them to shake hands and say "Well, thanks. See ya later!" when it is over. Dohner's characters get a believable HEA. To sum it up, lots of heat + lots of character = lots of story.

What I do not like about this series

The werewolves sometimes half shift. Not all furry but you would be able to see some definite wolfish traits pop through. This happens the most when emotions are running high such as sex and anger. I am leery by any animal/human sexual interaction. I read a book in the past that was full out animal having sex with a woman and it was super skeevy. When I read a story like Laurann's, I get nervous what I will encounter. Happy to report there was no bestiality. Thank God. 

Forbidden Fruit Rating


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