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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lost in You (Petal, Georgia 2) by Lauren Dane

If Hades and I ever split, I am moving to Petal. So what if it is fictional. That is just a technicality  The place is a haven for handsome men. If you are a reader of Ms. Dane's other books then you have met the Chase boys. If you have not, trust me you want to meet them. Lost in you is  Lauren Dane's second book in the Petal, Georgia series. We get to hang out with Beth Murphy, who is my favorite of the extensive Murphy siblings. Beth is a quick wit and she practically jumps off the page. I started to read Lost in You, intending to read a few chapters but I devoured the whole book in one night.

 Petal, Georgia is a charming little town where everybody knows everybody. Beth Murphy knows that everyone knowing your business isn't always a good thing, especially if you used to have a bad reputation. Beth's parents and living on the wrong side of the tracks has made the Murphy name less than sterling. It isn't   Beth's fault her parents were bad news. Some people in Petal don't see it that way. Joe Harris earned his reputation. Time in the military and the wisdom of age have taught him the error of his ways. He has returned to Petal to help his parents and take over as mechanic.

Beth was just his best friends little sister when Joe left. Now she is all grown up. Beth is stunningly beautiful and when she speaks she makes his head spin. Joe is determined that he is not going to cross the line. He wouldn't his best friend like that. Beth has other plans. She wants Joe. Her brother can get with the program or get over it later. Older brothers aren't the only problem. Joe has a lot on his plate with his parents. He wants Beth. He doesn't have the time to devote the amount of attention he feels Beth deserves. Joe and Beth are both stubborn. Their stubbornness will either help them stand together or tear them apart.

What I Liked

The way Beth talks. Beth is a master of words. Her witty repartee is delivered rapid fire. The people who know her are either used to it and able to keep up or left speechless trying to figure out what just happened. Beth is awesome. We all should have a friend like Beth. Joe, for the most part, is able to recognize and understand his personal feelings regarding Beth. He doesn't hide from them. I like a man who knows himself.

What I Didn't Like 

Goodness. It was hard to read about Joe's family. His dad is struggling. His mom is trying to make it better but she can't. Seeking help is hard when the person who needs is most refuses it. It was heartbreaking to watch Joe's father fall apart. 

 forbidden fruit rating


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