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Monday, April 29, 2013

Big List of Bad Boy Bikers

 Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley 4/5

Tyra had a hot night in bed with the motorcycle man of her dreams. Before the after glow dims, he shows her the door. Too bad he will become her boss on monday. Kane "Tack" Allen does not sleep wit employees. He tells Tyra to hit the bricks. Tyra needs this job. Tack can just deal with it, as far as she is concerned. She doesn't plan on spending any more night in Tack's bed so they can pretend it never happened. The longer Tyra works there, the more Tack likes her. It isn't long before he decided to go back on his no employee rule. Tack doesn't come alone. He's the president of Chaos Motorcycle Club, has two teenage kids, and one crazy ex-wife. Taking Tack on means taking on extra baggage. 
The perfect I was looking for wasn’t perfection. The perfect I was looking for was the one. And he was you.” - Tyra
I really like Tack. I wanted to hit him upside the head with a wrench, but I liked him. Tack is a major alpha male. If you are familiar with Kristen Ashley, this won't surprise you. Alpha males like Tack will walk all over you if you let them. Tyra is no man's doormat. She is not going to let Tack walk in and start dictating every part of her life. He respects that about her. Tack is like no other man Tyra has ever met. He exasperates her but also thrills her. This was my first Kristen Ashley title. I am now the proud owner of many Kirsten Ashley books. My to be read pile overflows.

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Own the Wind by Kristen Ashley 4/5

Tabby is the daughter of Kane "Tack" Allen. We met her in Motorcycle Man as a teenager. Tabby has been crushing on Shy, a member of Chaos Motorcycle Club since she was sixteen. The books hops around through a span of several years. It is necessary to tell the full story of Tab and Shy. Shy and Tabby are complicated. As I write this review, I am having a hard time summing up their story. It was a roller coaster. I loved every minute of it. I laughed, I sobbed, the sex was out of this world hot, the dialogue was a blast to read. I am eager to read the next Chaos book. Rush, Tabby's brother, is who I am most impatient to read. He is not the next in line for a book, but I am not complaining about who is. Kristen Ashley really punched me in the gut a few times with Tabby and Shy. Let's do it again, Ms Ashley!
“May feel like you're falling', Tabby, but remember, I'm at the bottom ready to catch you.”
 - Shy

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Reaper's Property by Joanna Wylde 3/5

Horse is a tattooed, motorcycle riding, hot wall of muscle. When he shows up at her brother's house, Marie is at a loss for what to do with him. Horse know exactly what he wants to do with Marie. It's rated NC-17. Marie just ditched her abusive ex-husband. What does she want with another man? Her brother is letting her live with him so she won't tell him who he can and can't be friends with. She doubts that whatever they are talking about is completely on the up and up. When her brother steals from the club, Marie pays the price. Shouldn't that make her feel bad or make her hate Horse? Marie just can't bring herself to dislike the man. When her brother's debt is paid, will she be asked to leave?
"You’re all mine, babe. Knew it the first time I saw you. Couldn’t give you up if I tried." 
- Horse
Oh Horse, you are a naughty boy. That's okay. We like bad boys in the Underworld. Horse really wants Marie. He doesn't like hearing her say no. Why wouldn't he jump at the chance to have her at his mercy? Alpha males and motorcycle clubs go hand in hand. Given the story line, I expected Horse might turn out to be an Alph hole. An alpha male that crosses the line from protective to abusive. Horse was on his best behavior, mostly. I do not know if there will be any books following in this series or if it was a stand alone. I would like to read more of them.

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Wilde Ride by Maegan Lynn Moores 4/5

Ella is the new high school teacher in a new town. Ella briefly met a local man last year, one she wants to know better. Ella already has his eye, and a few others. One of her admirers is anything but sweet. Ryder to the rescue. The school teacher and the bad boy biker. I laughed so much. Ella meets Ryder for the first time when she runs face first into a pole. Now there is a story to tell the kids.

Maegan Lynn Moores builds the sexual tension between Ryder and Ella. Ella did not always act how I thought she should. Let some people into her head that I felt she should have seen for the liars they are. Women, we are like that. We see with our hearts and not our eyes. As much as it may have made me want to yell at Ella, I would have reacted the same way. In that case, Ms Moores did an excellent job making her character someone the reader can relate to. Ella's best friend is up for a book next. I have read the teaser and it rocks. 

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Wild Riders Series (5 Titles to Date) by Jaci Burton 4/5

It has been years since I read these. I am not confident in my memory to give individual reviews of each book. I would not do them justice if I tried. I do know that I gave each of the books a 4/5 rating, and that is really good. If you like bikers, you will like the Wild Riders. It is a series worth reading. 

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Down and Dirty by Reese Madison 3/5

Carly is the bartender for a motorcycle club. She isn't interested in the men romantically, but enjoys their company. Carly's boss has a brother named Joe in the military. Joe has been reading about Carly in letters from his brother long enough to know he wants Carly. He stakes his claim immediately. Carly likes Joe, but does she trust him with her heart? She doesn't know him. He doesn't know her outside of letters. Is that enough to build forever on?

Joe is a bit too alpha male for me. Carly digs it, so I forgive him. After all, the book is about Joe and Carly, not Joe and Persephone. He shows up and carries Carly off. Doesn't do much asking, only telling. Carly has a checkered past. Secrets begin to come out of the closet and threaten to destroy what Joe and Carly are trying to build. The plot goes a little over the top. I wondered how I got some of the places I ended up. If you like a character, you are willing to overlook most plot cliff jumps. I was entertained by the book but did not love it.

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Lone Rider by Lauren Bach 3/5

One of the few motorcycle club books I have read where the bikers are seriously bad dudes.
Tess is kidnapped by Dallas to protect her from his motorcycle brothers. Egads, do things deteriorate from here. Dallas is the lesser of evils to pick from. He is relatively nice to Tess and act like he genuinely wants to protect her. Tess has conflicting emotions about Dallas. He is nice and hot, but he also won't let her go. His friends are downright horrible. I stopped reading this book once, but picked it back up when I saw an important piece of info that really should be on the back cover. 


Dallas is undercover. He's a cop. Not a bad guy. Not even named Dallas. Now I can read this book in peace. You might imagine Tess is a tad overwhelmed by all the information. She still has feelings for Not Dallas. She needs protection from the bad guys, still. Tess isn't the only one that needs protection but that is another spoiler. Entertaining, if you like the suspense and crime dramas, I recommend it.

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Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan 4/5

A gritty love story, not for the faint of heart. Eva and Deuce's story spans years. This is good news because Eva is still in pigtails the first time she meets Deuce. He meets her again later and can tell she is going to be a beautiful woman. Thank the maker, Deuce is not a dirty old man so he waits for Eva to grow up. This is not a pretty flowers and pink hearts kind of romance. Non traditional romance is still romance! I like Eva and Deuce. This was one of the more believable stories. People, as we know, are messy. Eva and Deuce are messy, flawed, normal people. This is the first of three (maybe more?) books in a series. Will I be reading more of these unpretty romances by Madeline Sheehan? You bet your bookshelf I will. 
"It wasn’t easy. Nothing worth doing ever is. And love is worth everything.” 

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