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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Against the Wall by Rebecca Zanetti

Rebecca Zanetti writes another series I follow, so when I was this title I knew I wanted to read it. I think I like this series better! I am excited to find a new contemporary series to read. I look forward to reading all the books that follow this one. I am hoping for at least three more! Her Goodreads profile is available, as is a Facebook page. 

Sophie Smith is city girl visiting Montana. She is surveying the land to design a golf course. Sophie works for her uncle and is a very talented artist. While checking out the land, she is almost trampled by a horse. Jake Lodge saves her. The tribal lawyer and cowboy is smitten with the city girl. He is determined to spend time with her. Sophie is determined to not get distracted by handsome men, especially ones that are trying to block her uncle's golf course. It would be for the best if they stayed away from one another, but when has the heart ever cared about what was best? 

What I liked

Jake lays it all out on the table for Sophie. He is straightforward about his attraction. He doesn't pressure Sophie, gives her time to make her decision without his badgering her. He does supply her with some really good points in favor of being with him, but never goes too far. Jake is a man you can depend on, attentive, loyal, and fun. Sophie has a good head on her shoulders. She seemed easy to get along with. Someone you could sit down with, strike up a conversation like old friends. I am extremely talkative, this is a huge plus in my book. Ketchup, OMG! There is a scene in the diner with Sophie, her friend, and a bottle of ketchup. I wanted to cheer. You will too. 

What I did not like 

Sophie doesn't want to give up her independence and really, Jake doesn't declare his undying love early on so why would she want to move to Montana. Sensible girl. Me, I would have packed my bags and gone but I am an all in kind of girl. Is knowing something is going to happen a bad thing? It depends on the reader. I did not have a problem with a certain - wait! I can't tell you. Okay, something is mentioned early on, sort of a "What if this happened?" scenario. At that moment I pretty much knew it would happen. I was glad it happened! I know some people do not like that. Only things I can pick out that could be a gripe. 

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