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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Author Spotlight: Lori Foster

Lori Foster is a best selling author from Ohio. I have read many, many of her titles but my three favorite series are SBC Fighters Series, Buckhorn Brothers Series, and the Law Duology.

SBC Fighters - You will notice a similarity to the popular UFC sport. I did not know much about UFC and actually learned a great deal from reading this series. The men are fighters with hearts of gold. They often help the heroine in the book without being the "swoop in an fix it" type. You see more of a beneficial partnership between the characters. I can easily see these couples being the ones that can go the distance in life because they compliment instead of conquer each other.

Buckhorn Brothers - Each book focuses on one of the brothers, later the sons. You have a small town feel to this series that I enjoy, being from a small town myself. Unlike the SBC series that can jump around in locations, this series is all in the same place which gives a solid continuity to the series. The brothers are all very different in personality. The heroines tend to turn their world upside down unexpectantly. I found this to be humorous. It is also nice to see the men putting in the effort to really win the women.

Law Duology - There are only two books in this series to date. I want more! The guys are a bit more flawed here. Not flawed in the big time "this guy is a total waste of skin" but used to getting their way, don't take no for a answer. This makes for a better personal growth story, in my opinion. They have to step away from themselves and see someone else. Forget their immediate needs, and accommodate the one they love.

If you follow her on facebook you will quickly learn she has a huge heart to go along with her talent. She often posts about her children (one of whom is a real life hero though he is very humble about the experience and another who just got married in Korea! Congrats!), super adorable grandchildren, and many furry babies. Ms Foster has an army of outdoor kitties ;0)

This really is just scraping the surface of who Lori Foster is and the books she has written. I encourage you to explore what she has to offer. She has a series/book to meet just about anyone's taste.

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